Rajas Kelkar

Post-lockdown economy: How worse is the worse in 2020?

The Nifty 50 index is trading at around 19 times estimated earnings for the year ending March 2022. History tells us that share prices do not go much further unless profits grow

26 Oct 2020

Keep an eye on equity risk premiums

Being aware of costs associated with equity risks and ways to measure them is useful knowledge for investors

19 Oct 2020

Get over your FOMO syndrome

Your ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ will cloud your thinking if you are looking to time the market. You must invest regularly

12 Oct 2020

It’s time to work on emergency funds

The pandemic has underscored the need to have cash reserves, but the amount depends on your financial needs

05 Oct 2020

Understanding the ‘VUCA’ world

It may take longer than you think for financial markets to recover, but you have enough time to rework investments

28 Sep 2020

Figuring out ‘vaccine’ portfolios

The pandemic has thrown the world out of whack and what emerges on the other side is likely to be very different for many sectors

21 Sep 2020

Indian brokerages see over 24 lakh new demat accounts in just 3 months, here's why!

Equity investing is not for the faint-hearted and 2020 showed us why. Market volatility is unnerving when life savings are at stake

14 Sep 2020

Hedging is old wisdom in a new bottle

If you are not sure about the direction of the market, hedging is a mechanism that allows you to minimise the risk. You can never eliminate the risk in any investment.

07 Sep 2020

RBI gauges the economic impact of Covid-19

Under all circumstances, interest rates are unlikely to rise. If you are a saver, your fixed deposit rates will continue to decline

31 Aug 2020

Watch out for the risks to your money

This year has been the one when the risk has ruled like never before; if inflation concerns stay, further relief in interest rates is unlikely.

24 Aug 2020

What to do with gold?

Indians love the yellow metal as jewellery, but there’s a need to value the gold you own

17 Aug 2020

Fresh investors should stay cautious, don't put hard-earned money into something for a fast buck!

You cannot put your money into something for a fast buck. That is a myth. No matter what you hear. Your money needs time to grow

10 Aug 2020

COVID 19: Where will the new jobs come from post pandemic?

Sectors like Agriculture, Power, IT, Start-ups, Infra and Logistics may be the new drivers of the economy

03 Aug 2020

Why do we save and not invest?

Experts say Indians cling to physical assets like land, house or gold because that is an instinct

27 Jul 2020

Gold vs Sensex debate is simply unfair

Gold is a haven when you feel there is no hope, but for wealth creation one must invest in stocks

20 Jul 2020

Dumped mutual funds? It’s a bad idea

It is very important to stay invested and ride through multiple market cycles to make any meaningful amount of money.

13 Jul 2020

For the first half of 2020: Stay put, stay invested

As an individual, all of that can be overwhelming. The message coming out from the weeks gone by is that you need to stay put.

06 Jul 2020

Busting the myth of short-term investment

There is no such thing as fast money. The only way you can make any real money is by beating inflation year after year

29 Jun 2020

Online search for the term ‘GDP’ spike like never before

Businesses do not have an appetite or a repayment capability to take new loans. At the same time, they are saving money instead of taking any business risks by expanding.

22 Jun 2020

Managing money in times of turbulence

If you still have a steady income, try to continue investing through SIPs; staying invested and riding through this severe downturn may prove to be a successful bet years down the line

15 Jun 2020

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