Rajas Kelkar

Stock markets are riding on optimism

From an equity investment standpoint, investors need a long-term perspective since such crises keep near-term share prices in check

14 Jun 2020

Revisiting the savings vs investment debate

Savings and investments go hand-in-hand. Your investments can grow if you manage to increase your savings.

01 Jun 2020

What the Rs 20 lakh crore means to savers and investors

Every data point coming out is highlighting the darkness down the barrel.

25 May 2020

Government actions to set the course of your money

The course of government action is perhaps the most critical thing at this stage to determine the value of your future savings.

11 May 2020

Rise in number of  coronavirus cases: How bad is it for your money?

FDs are unlikely to see any higher interest rate. Industries directly affected by the pandemic may not stage a sharp rebound

04 May 2020

Making sense of the new financial order

With uncertainty over future economic growth, markets are sending a signal of confusion. All is now dependent on Centre’s policy action

27 Apr 2020

Evaluate your money crisis; It is not the time to find excuses not to save or invest

Channelise savings towards paring your expensive debt and pay off pending bills. If you want to invest long-term, there’s no better time than now

20 Apr 2020

How to tell if markets are nearing the bottom

They can afford to print money and provide it to tide over the crisis because inflation is zero.

13 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: When time is at your disposal, turn it a boon  for your money

Stock markets move in cycles and are real. There are no permanent highs or lows. That’s the fundamental lesson

06 Apr 2020

'Volatility in financial markets would remain elevated for days to come'

The Reserve Bank of India brought out their artillery by injecting close to Rs 4,00,000 crore in the banking system.

30 Mar 2020

Finance in the time of coronavirus: Get greedy for information, read up and stay tuned

Sitting at home, it may be a great idea to add to your money quotient while you wait for the selloff in the market to stop. 

23 Mar 2020

Investing in the time of Coronavirus: Why having hope makes sense

Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful: Warren Buffett

16 Mar 2020

Adapt to live, fight tomorrow

For veterans at the markets, there may be opportunities, but the risk is high for newbies.

09 Mar 2020

Here's how you can deal with the tumbling stock market; index investing can be given a shot now

There’s no need to panic. The moment markets get a whiff of stability, they would bounce back.

02 Mar 2020

How your money is affected by Coronavirus

Steer clear of sectors such as electronics, consumer durables, auto components and pharma bulk drugs intermediaries that depend on input supply from China

24 Feb 2020

Make money but avoid falling in love with it

Just under 10 per cent rich in the world are controlling 80 per cent of the world wealth. 

17 Feb 2020

The LIC IPO and what lies ahead

Policyholders have nothing to fret about as Centre offloads 10% stake in the insurance behemoth, but from an investment point of view, it could shake up the financial markets

10 Feb 2020

Budget 2020: Tax cut without tax saving could give you more money to spend

More money in consumers’ hands by way of a tax cut and no need for tax-saving means more money for consumption

03 Feb 2020

Budget 2020: Tax cuts are good, but what are the chances of them happening?

If expenditure surges without creation of adequate physical infrastructure or credible provision for revenue, it could be bad news for investment prospects

30 Jan 2020

Take risk, invest in mutual fund

The mutual fund industry is creating logical solutions to a problem that is illogical in no small extent.

20 Jan 2020

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