Rajas Kelkar

Budget 2020: Tax cut without tax saving could give you more money to spend

More money in consumers’ hands by way of a tax cut and no need for tax-saving means more money for consumption

03 Feb 2020

Budget 2020: Tax cuts are good, but what are the chances of them happening?

If expenditure surges without creation of adequate physical infrastructure or credible provision for revenue, it could be bad news for investment prospects

30 Jan 2020

Take risk, invest in mutual fund

The mutual fund industry is creating logical solutions to a problem that is illogical in no small extent.

20 Jan 2020

In times of a 'near' war, slowing economy, here's what you can do

As the US-Iran tension ebbed and flowed, the market reaction was dramatic. What should you do in such a panic situation? Make your hay!

13 Jan 2020

Try something new in 2020, make it count

Make the professional education of your children a top priority over their marriage, set aside an SIP as healthcare fund for your parents, and go on money-dating with your life partner

06 Jan 2020

Where will markets head in 2020?

Interest rates may not rise or fall significantly; do not expect your fixed deposit rates to rise. In fact, it may be a good time to borrow and buy a new home to take advantage of low interest rates

30 Dec 2019

Stay calm to see money grow

Magic wands are for fairy tales, prosperity through wealth creation comes with patience. Invest in your mind first

23 Dec 2019

The Onion twist to inflation

The price surge in onions dramatically represents the underlying force of inflation.

16 Dec 2019

Financial knowledge: How much is enough?

You have no control over the inflation in the economy. But with some efforts and good practices, you can get control of your finances

09 Dec 2019

Equity investing is risky, but so is everything 

Here is why people stay away from the stock market and mutual funds as they consider them a risky affair.

25 Nov 2019

Why investing in insurance business makes sense

Penetration of life insurance in India is low at 10-20%. As these firms sell simple insurance policies to more people in India, there is good potential for market leaders to grow their profits

18 Nov 2019

Investment tips: Slow and steady wins the money race

There are no shortcuts. ‘Getting rich’ is a gradual process that requires effort. But it may just be worth your time

11 Nov 2019

What to watch for when stock markets are up, economy slow

As you learn to connect the dots, data points appear to contradict each other and confuse you.

04 Nov 2019

This festive season, get rid of your fear of numbers and losses 

With reports of  low auto sales, unemployment, low GDP growth etc, a certain paranoia exists among the millenials about the country's financial structure.

27 Oct 2019

How is money linked to your happiness?

If you are looking to be happy by planning an early retirement to focus on things you love, it may be a good time to step back and take note. 

21 Oct 2019

Time for government to pitch in to save your money

Both interest rates and stock markets are trending down. Government intervention is needed to boost equity markets.

14 Oct 2019

How to use economic and market indicators

Investing is a lot about making sense of the data. You need not be a ‘finance’ person.

07 Oct 2019

What happens when RBI freezes your bank account

RBI has found significant financial irregularities in case of two banks and has taken the most extreme measure after a rigorous inspection 

30 Sep 2019

Understanding the concept of value

The difference in perception of value is perhaps the foundation of a marketplace. In the world of investments, it matters more to buyers than sellers

16 Sep 2019

Decipher your push and pull in taking investment related decisions

The value of the gold is close to 40 per cent of India’s current gross development product or GDP of $2.8 trillion.

02 Sep 2019

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