In the name of the party, go!

It is unfair to blame the Congress of being a lousy opposition party. It has a great legacy as India’s greatest Opposition party ever, which defeated British colonialism and won India its freedom.

23 hours ago

The Chhatrapati in Hindustan

In 1788, Mahadji Scindia became the Mughal Empire’s de facto ruler by reinstating the deposed Emperor Shah Alam II and establishing a permanent Maratha garrison in Delhi to rule Hindustan.

26 Feb 2021

Need a different toolkit for democracy

It will take years, nay decades, for the BJP to mature into a genuinely democratic party that welcomes different opinions to enrich inputs and thought processes.

20 Feb 2021

The pathetic myth of the Indian celebrity

It was no great surprise when former Rajya Sabha MP Sachin Tendulkar railed against 'external forces' and Akshay Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar tweeted identical messages with MEA hashtags.

13 Feb 2021

'The Dig' movie review: Death and discovery

It liberates the boy from his powerlessness to save his dying mother, because he becomes convinced that she will wait for him among the stars.

12 Feb 2021

Don’t ignore the laughter weapon

On January 7, 2015, two French Muslim brothers, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, murdered 12 journalists of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

07 Feb 2021

TV journalism’s watershed moment

The arrogance of Arnab Goswami's delusions was so great he believed that Republic TV’s Balakot story helped Modi win the 2019 elections.

23 Jan 2021

Mountain chief

Virendra Singh Negi is responsible for bringing solar lighting to the villages, made bridges check dams, and cultivated orchards where people grow fruit to be sold in the towns.

23 Jan 2021

Why democracy loves authoritarianism

Democracy is small beer where dictators are concerned. Adolf Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch was meant to overthrow the Weimar Republic.

16 Jan 2021

The secularist idea of Hinduism challenged

The mystic chords of India’s collective memory even now reverberate to the twisted melody of pogroms and conversions, driving a deep chasm between countrymen.

03 Jan 2021

The march of prototype India

Unity is a double-headed doubloon.

26 Dec 2020

The Christian calendar of doubt

Catholic Church promotes its representatives as the epitomes of ethical conduct. Yet, like all other institutions, there are black sheep on the pulpit.

18 Dec 2020

A Harvest of Future Leaders

Akhilesh Yadav went on dharna in their support and was booked by the UP Police, which snatched a brief respite from arresting consenting Hindu-Muslim couples.

12 Dec 2020

The fossils of myopic minds

We forget the wonder of creation. We examine the past to conjure up nonsensical mythology and degradable dogma to suit our version of the present.

27 Nov 2020

There is no vaccine for the Congress

The coronavirus is the motherlode of metaphors.  It represents man’s war against Nature, the eventual outcome summarising his capacity to resist degradation.

21 Nov 2020