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For whom the belle tolls in the time of war

Post 9/11, 149 American women soldiers have been killed by suicide bombers, IEDs, helo crashes and bullets.

22 Feb 2020

Once upon a time tavern

A forgotten colonial town housing a jewel of a heritage hotel and tavern is a memento of Bengal’s past, which lingers in the travelogue of history

08 Feb 2020

India calling: a new Deendayal Upadhyaya!

Gandhi could convert an obstinate sulk into a lofty principle: after the Chauri Chaura incident, he suspended the civil disobedience movement.

08 Feb 2020

Why the world is dreading the novel Coronavirus

Infected travellers from China are being quarantined even as cases are mounting in the US, the UK, Asia, Europe, Australia and now India.

04 Feb 2020

Is it time to take a relook at Indian democracy?

Has mankind lost the rat race of democracy to racism? Last week, India slipped down the democracy index by 10 points to 51.

01 Feb 2020

Why hanging the Nirbhaya convicts is civilised

Come the wintry morning of February 1, three of the cruellest and most reviled rapist murderers in history will be hanged by the neck on the gallows of Tihar Jail until they are dead.

25 Jan 2020

Can we have some stature and humour please?

What outsiders say makes no difference to the state. Donald Trump may tweet away against Iranian mullahs, but they will go on shooting and jailing protestors.

18 Jan 2020

Will the protest become a movement?

The knee-jerk response of governments strong and weak is to punish the objector.

11 Jan 2020

Why the Student Protests are Doomed

Disgusting! Look at Kanhaiya Kumar, Marxist malapropism and revolutionary opportunist, hopping about defending liberty to young crowds.

22 Dec 2019

Didn’t the Hyderabad vet have civil rights, too?

Early this month, the Hyderabad Police shot dead four men who had assaulted, raped and murdered a young woman veterinarian.

15 Dec 2019

I’m afraid I’ve to admit that I’m not afraid

It’s the Little Brother who is watching, really.

08 Dec 2019

Party with a difference, not making up the difference

Considering BJP’s Maharashtra fiasco, it is doubtful whether he is the Ram the party swears by. 

01 Dec 2019

Trump impeachment: The unravelling of the US presidency

It is the predilection of philosophers to look for the truth, like Diogenes of Ancient Greece who set out with a lantern in search of an honest man.

30 Nov 2019

A city that changes in all but name only

After Allahabad was rechristened Prayagraj, an Indian heritageophile has now written to the Uttar Pradesh government to change Agra’s name back to its Mahabharata moniker Agravana.

23 Nov 2019