Reema Moudgil

He Wasn't Just Viral Currency

We mourned the death of Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler because he brought home to us not just his own story but the unfathomable human tragedy caused by inequities and political violence

08 Sep 2015

The Apathy That Ails the Film Industry

Aadesh Shrivastava’s death shows that the fringe players in Bollywood get nothing more than token sympathy when the chips are down.

07 Sep 2015

Of Kalburgi and the Murder of Dissent

If all of us spoke up for the truth or at least were not threatened by it even it was not our truth, some of us would not be singled out and killed

02 Sep 2015

Teachers who Unlock Inner Doors

The Internet is packed with inspirational stories of new age gurus who were once just like you and me

31 Aug 2015

They Dare You to Think Big

Anshulika Dubey, co-founder and COO at Wishberry, was in Bengaluru last week to look for creative ideasmiths who need funding to kickstart their projects

31 Aug 2015

The Lady who Answers the Cravings for Simple Soul Food, Quite Simply

Nisha Madhulika is a YouTube success because she does not project her own persona but cooks like she means to feed everyone who is watching

29 Aug 2015

We Cannot Let Aarushi Talwar Rest In Peace

A new film tries to do a Roshomon with the murder case, with the disclaimer that permission was not taken from the parents before filming

27 Aug 2015

We Cannot Let Aarushi Talwar Rest in Peace

A new film tries to do a Roshomon with the murder case, with the disclaimer that permission was not taken from the parents before filming

26 Aug 2015

No Right Answer to the Question, 'Why do Writers Write?'

For some writers, life is a stimulus and writing is the way they respond to everything contained in it

25 Aug 2015

Pleasing Crafts for a Good Cause

Artisan site is back with some unusual creations. We pick for you a few of our favourites

24 Aug 2015

Unfriending Virtual Ghosts

Terms like \'ghosting\' have crept in the modern lexicon to show how complicated love has become in times when relationships are digital rather than real and online silence or a decisive click can end them

24 Aug 2015

The Anatomy of Porn

Ran Gavrieli, a scholar of gender studies, believes porn is about the subordination of women and the imposition of hierarchy as a way of being in this world

19 Aug 2015

'Namma Metro Unsustainable'

E Sreedharan sees many problems with Bengaluru’s rail system in the making,but also explains how people helming such mega projects can find workarounds

19 Aug 2015

The Year of the Sheroes

In Hollywood and Hindi cinema, some startling women with untampered integrity have made their appearance in 2015 and wowed us with their grit

18 Aug 2015

When a MasterChef Served Wisdom

George Colombaris was in town to unveil on Zomato, his wishlist of restaurants to visit across the world, but it was his humility and homespun warmth that won Bengaluru over

17 Aug 2015

All Things Blue and Pretty

Getting the blues has a whole new meaning at Contemporary Arts and Crafts ( Browse through their collection of everything in shades of blue, from dinnerware to tumblers to trays to stoles to cushion covers, and splurge

17 Aug 2015

Kishore Kumar: The Voice of Abandon, Mischief, Romance

On August 4, 1929, a voice of abandon, mischief, romance, barely contained madness, rich, malted cadences, was born.

06 Aug 2015

'All I Want is To Touch a Chord as an Actor'

Shweta Tripathi talks about her stunning debut in Masaan and her hope for smiliar work that appeals both to the mind and the heart

03 Aug 2015

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