Reema Moudgil

Filmmaker Seeks More Screens for Masaan

Award-winning director Neeraj Ghaywan, who has won acclaim at Cannes and elsewhere, talks to City Express about what led to the breakthrough film of the year

01 Aug 2015

'Masaan Has Proved To Be Cathartic for a Common Loss'

Varun Grover, screenplay writer of the acclaimed film, talks about his influences

29 Jul 2015

How Bollywood Ceased to be About the Ordinary

Our cinema was once about identifiable narratives. Now it is about larger-than-life narrators and insulated members of the 100 crore clubs

23 Jul 2015

Being Sania Mirza Against All Odds

Being a self-willed sportswoman is not easy in any country but it is especially hard in the sub-continent.

22 Jul 2015

Rajesh Khanna: Memories of an Indelible, Fevered Summer Romance

No one in Hindi cinema  has been lusted and longed for as much as Rajesh Khanna.

18 Jul 2015

A Revolutionary Poet Departs Quietly

Sardar Anjum, lyricist and the beacon of inclusive Urdu poetry, is no more

14 Jul 2015

Why we Must be Allowed to Differ

The day all of us can disagree with the powers-that-be without fear will be the day the nation will belong to all of us and not just to some of us

09 Jul 2015

A Selfie is Fine.. But Not Selfhood

Many of us maybe posing happily with our daughters but we turn virulent and abusive the moment a woman so much as posts a dissenting tweet

06 Jul 2015

Food that Nurtures

Sometimes, cooking your favourite family recipes is the only way to assuage the craving for a wonderful childhood

04 Jul 2015

Tales from Gay Lives

Sridhar Rangayan was in town to screen his films about the LGBT community

02 Jul 2015

Crafted Pieces that Exude Warmth

If pottery is your thing and you don’t know where to look for one, go online to find some great collectibles. City Express lists five sites where pottery comes in many variations and forms

30 Jun 2015

The Style Icons

29 Jun 2015

There is no Nuance in Violent Prejudice

When The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart discussed the Charlestown shooting, he spoke for everyone who has ever been targeted by intolerance

23 Jun 2015

Get Some Desi Pop

22 Jun 2015

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