Sublime or ridiculous?

It’s hard to know what to say during these unprecedented times.

04 Apr 2020

Fear, hope and courage

Our brains that are so used to being stimulated by electronic stimulus, people, social influencers and the like, are lying barren and are fertile breeding grounds to construct conspiracy theories.

21 Mar 2020

Say salaam or namaste!

The world is our cocoon and we are infecting each other to a point of extinction! It is amazing how we never learn from our past mistakes.

14 Mar 2020

Talk, don’t troll

For instance, political parties and unscrupulous people use and abuse this platform, feeding the gullible with utter nonsense, and then sit back and enjoy all the mayhem they have unleased.

07 Mar 2020

A slice of life 

It is alarming how fast and effectively this virus spreads! The tourist influx into China, Japan, Singapore and Thailand has almost petered down to a trickle.

22 Feb 2020

Humour without wings

I have been a performing artiste for over 20 years and my avatar as a stand-up comedienne has been the most loved and popular one.

01 Feb 2020

Karma bites back

Ho-hum! I wish the babus and their henchmen would do something different and not be so predictable. Despite innumerable stay orders, they carry on with their shenanigans.

25 Jan 2020

Friends like family 

 A new moon is rising! I am paraphrasing and leaning towards rhetoric because a headline caught my eye.

18 Jan 2020

The insider-outsider syndrome among Indians

I have marvelled at the consistency of nature.

11 Jan 2020

Just another year

I have received umpteen messages and phone calls ever since the New Year dawned, wishing me all types of good fortune.

04 Jan 2020

Evolving into good cheer 

But we do have some redeeming qualities.

28 Dec 2019

Eat, love and pray

Everyone I know is busy sneezing, coughing and hacking into the sunset.

14 Dec 2019

Of goddesses and human beings

I have always believed that a nip in the air puts people in a more amiable frame of mind.

06 Dec 2019

Staying optimistic

I never miss an opportunity to eat at the Bo-Tai, the latest Pan-Asian restaurant to open its doors in our city.

23 Nov 2019

’Tis the season!

In our country, where habbas, holidays and hollering take centre stage, people have moved from celebrating one set of festivals to the next.

16 Nov 2019