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Lucy, Don, Waga & Co send chills down Kadapa criminals’ spine

Be it a missing case, temple theft or murder, a squad of Kadapa district police has been a part of the investigation of all of them.

26 Sep 2021

Revenue inspector helps animals and humans in despair in Kadapa

31-yr-old revenue inspector Mallikarjuna, who is in contact with several social organisations, closely keeps track of what is happening on social media and comes forward to extend a helping hand.

19 Sep 2021

Common factor: Families of suicide victims left in the lurch

Though the reasons for resorting to such extreme steps vary, one common factor is that families of those suicide victims are left in the lurch.

11 Sep 2021

Stalker held for threatening Kadapa girl’s family

Sunil Kumar was arrested for attacking Lavanya in Proddatur and was later released on bail. He continued to threaten the girl's parents after coming out, according to the girl's parents.

09 Sep 2021

Sharp price fall hits Kadapa papaya growers 

Cost of per tonne of fruit plunges from Rs 18,000 in July to Rs 5,500; farmers allege middlemen manipulating market 

04 Sep 2021

Andhra businessman feeds hundreds every Monday for the past 7 years

His mother’s advice to him was to feed those who are hungry and for the past seven years, he has followed her advice in letter and spirit by providing food for the needy. 

29 Aug 2021

Donating blood to save lives comes easy for the Dondlavagu family

The family has inspired others to follow the path of blood donation and created a force of 400 blood donors till now.

22 Aug 2021

Kadapa youth's passion for making portraits with Rubik’s Cubes

Kadapa's L Narasimha Sri Charan, an engineer by qualification owns a start-up Sri Charan’s Cube Mosaics that creates customised mosaics using Rubik's cubes.

08 Aug 2021

A promising differently abled cricketer

His love for cricket saw him overcome his disability and poverty.

30 Jul 2021

Passion for sculpture earns 51-year-old Andhra artist fame, awards

Artefacts created by Gollapalli Jayanna of Kadapa reflect the culture and very essence of Andhra Pradesh, more so Rayalaseema.

18 Jul 2021

Recent showers leave low-lying areas in Andhra Pradesh's Kadapa inundated

Besides facing the severe inconvenience of having the entire household drenched in stagnated flood water, residents of these colonies are facing the threat of mosquitoes. 

12 Jul 2021

Nellore farmhand’s son becomes senior scientist in Korea

V Nava Koteswara Rao did his PhD in Nanotechnology under the guidance of Prof MV Shankar, Material Science and Nanotechnology Department, Yogi Vemana University.

04 Jul 2021

Kadapa youth passes on life skills

Inspired by heroes of Ramayana and Mahabharata, Udaya Kumar teaches archery, martial arts to schoolkids to help them improve their concentration, personality 

27 Jun 2021

CM Jagan Mohan’s district emerges top in Nadu-Nedu works

According to education department officials, with improved facilities, parents are more eager to admit their children in government schools.

23 Jun 2021

Ray of sunshine for Kadapa wood carvers 

A new building to house wood carving and toy making workshop has been set up at a cost of  `1 crore to help local artisans

20 Jun 2021

Onipenta brass artisans in dire straits as temples, markets remain closed 

For the last 15 months, people of Onipenta, who eke out a living by making brassware, have been rendered jobless.

13 Jun 2021

Using social media as tool for change: Youth promotes Kadapa's historical riches through Instagram

In a bid to change public perception about Kadapa, 21-year-old degree student promotes region’s rich historical and cultural heritage through Instagram, has over 23,000 followers

13 Jun 2021

'Giving food every Sunday since 2011': Feeding hungry birds, animals is this Andhra man's passion

Sheik Basha Mohiuddin has been feeding cows, monkeys, deer, squirrels, dogs, cats, pigeons, parrots, crows, sparrows every Sunday since 2011.

06 Jun 2021

Private school teachers cry for govt help as they struggle to survive

One of the occupations hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic is that of teachers.

01 Jun 2021

Youths create public awareness on Covid-19 norms through short films

A team of youngsters in Kadapa have taken it upon themselves to educate people about Covid-19 and CAB using short films.

30 May 2021

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