Sajin Shrijith

Comedy of errors with simple aspirations

Saiju Kurup, Siju Wilson, and Sabareesh Varma anchor a chaotic wedding full of humour and surprises.

26 Feb 2022

Movie Review | 'Ballad of a White Cow' is a searing portrait of loss, guilt and retribution

Iranian filmmaker-actor Maryam Moqadam is terrific as a widow seeking justice for her wronged husband

25 Feb 2022

 Malayalam cinema’s favourite Amma

In a filmography that spanned over 500 films, picking one favourite would be an exercise in futility.

24 Feb 2022

Scaling new heights

Jan-e-Man producer Lakshmi Warrier about her enriching experience with the runaway hit and her inspiring career trajectory

22 Feb 2022

A bloated endurance test

There is a lot of things happening in Aaraattu, but hardly a few of them are memorable

19 Feb 2022

Kimi: Minimalist paranoid thriller done right

David Koepp-scripted Kimi works as an ideal companion piece to the writer’s Panic Room.

18 Feb 2022

When passion strongly beckons

Media professional Vivek Muzhakkunnu has turned lyricist for the first time with the recently released Bibin George-starrer Thirimali.

18 Feb 2022

Bernard: Appani Sarath, Anjali Ameer headline psychological drama

The experimental feature is directed by Devaprasad Narayanan 

16 Feb 2022

'Freedom Fight' Review: Gripping, well-rounded anthology with a long-lasting effect

Freedom Fight is undoubtedly the finest anthology to come from Malayalam cinema in a long time

12 Feb 2022

'Archana 31 Not Out' Review: Aishwarya Lekshmi shines in a rather uneventful film

There is only one conflict in Archana 31 Not Out. Will Archana, the schoolteacher, played by Aishwarya Lekshmi, get married or not? The film takes 110 minutes to answer that question.

12 Feb 2022

Amazon Prime Video’s latest sensation, Reacher, is the new Sherlock Holmes

For those of you who take immense pleasure in cathartic violence, well, Reacher is just what the doctor would order.

09 Feb 2022

'Prappeda' Review: A one-of-a-kind genre-blending exercise

Prappeda, which marks filmmaker Krishnendu Kalesh’s feature-length debut, eludes singular categorisation

04 Feb 2022

Hridayam: Director Vineeth sharing glimpse of the making process

Vineeth Sreenivasan gives us a glimpse of the making process of his latest box office sensation, revisiting memories, and more.

01 Feb 2022

Basil Joseph, Darshana Rajendran to headline Jaan-e-Man  producers’ next comedy film

Mudhugauv-fame Vipin Das will be directing Basil Joseph and Darshana Rajendran in Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hai.

28 Jan 2022

'Bro Daddy' Review: Flavourless, instantly forgettable affair

Save for a few funny situations, Bro Daddy doesn’t have much to write home about

28 Jan 2022

Bringing novelty back to nightmare escapades

Writer-director Rahul Sadasivan on shooting his psychological-horror feature Bhoothakaalam, why casting Revathy and Shane was so important to him, and more

25 Jan 2022

'Hridayam' movie review: Vineeth Sreenivasan delivers two feel-good films for the price of one

As a coming-of-age entertainer, Hridayam is to Vineeth what Premam was to Alphonse Puthren.

22 Jan 2022

Bhoothakaalam: Gimmick-free, supremely effective horror flick

Bhoothakaalam has enough surprises in store, and it knows when to reveal them, a rarity in today’s horror movies.

21 Jan 2022

Anurag Kashyap on board Nithin Lukose’s Pankali

Nithin made his directorial debut with the critically acclaimed Paka: River of Blood

20 Jan 2022

Senna Hegde’s next is 1744 WA, with Sharafudheen

Led by Sharafudheen, the film has Senna reteaming with frequent writing partner Sreeraj Raveendran, who co-wrote and shot Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam.

18 Jan 2022

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