Shainu Mohan

Revoking week-long off irks health workers

Healthcare staff across the board have expressed stiff opposition to the new order. According to them, this would put non-Covid patients at risk and even lead to the collapse of entire system

08 Oct 2020

Fishermen to protest delay in execution of housing project

The state government had sanctioned Rs 2.8 crore to the Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation for constructing homes for families who lost their houses to sea erosion

07 Oct 2020

Nurse-managed domiciliary Covid centres set up in Kerala

Details on the number of CFLTCs that can be converted into DCCCs from each district are being gathered.

07 Oct 2020

Disorderly Section 144 clampdown riles public

Unscientific enforcement of CrPC Section 144 clamped by the police has caused widespread protests among residents and traders in the state capital.

06 Oct 2020

Better systems required for home care of Covid patients

With the elections approaching, local bodies seem to have pulled back from pandemic containment responsibilities, raising concern about the monitoring of patients under home isolation

02 Oct 2020

PG doctors refuse to serve at CSLTCs

In a recent incident, a team of PG doctors refused to join the duty at Varkala SRM Medical College Hospital, one of the four  second-line treatment centres

01 Oct 2020

E-auto service may take longer to get rolling

Much groundwork, including suitable parking spots, is yet to be finished. Training is also currently underway

01 Oct 2020

Daring act of activists a wakeup call for cyber police

Many say complaints lodged by women against cybercrimes evoke little or no response at all from the police.

01 Oct 2020

Tertiary care on verge of collapse in Capital as staff shortage hits MCH

Alarming rise in number of Covid and non-Covid patients is putting a lot of pressure on hospital

30 Sep 2020

Demolition in Kochi, building in Thiruvananthapuram

While the razing of controversial Palarivattom flyover has started, the govt has given its nod to award the contract for Connemara Market renovation to the same builder

29 Sep 2020

Co War: A corona story

Capturing the essence of what the raging Covid-19 pandemic has brought upon the world is no mean feat.

29 Sep 2020

Despite high demand, only 65 doctors deployed from Kerala govt's COVID Brigade

This is happening when every district is demanding more healthcare staff to manage Covid at tertiary care hospitals and second-line and first-line treatment centres. 

28 Sep 2020

MCH occupancy exceeds 80%, GH to set up Covid ICU

Demand for more emergency care and infrastructure is increasing following the surge in the number of Category C Covid-19 patients in the district.

26 Sep 2020

Move to cancel OP hours at PHCs faces backlash

With an HR crisis looming large over the pandemic containment efforts, dist authorities have decided to redirect resources. Smaller CFLTCs and ones with low occupance will be shut down

25 Sep 2020

Violators use pandemic cover to encroach Akkulam-Veli wetland

Environmentalists point to large-scale landfilling in the area. They claim it is taking place with knowledge of the authorities  

24 Sep 2020

Amid surge in Covid cases, MCH faces staff crunch

According to authorities, quality of critical care being provided to the ICU patients is getting compromised due to shortage of hands

23 Sep 2020

Residents’ associations to pitch in for contact tracing

The decentralisation of Covid investigation and tracing has left short-staffed health centres struggling

22 Sep 2020

Govt gears up to face the expected surge in Covid cases

The state is slowly inching towards the peak of pandemic infection.

19 Sep 2020

With Covid cases soaring, Kerala's capital may soon run out of beds

In the last two days, over 1,300 new cases were reported in the district. According to sources, bed availability at the first-line treatment centres is dwindling fast.

18 Sep 2020

Covid protocol goes for a toss

By crowding, protesters are risking the lives of themselves, their families and police, says member  of task force. 

17 Sep 2020

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