Trump, triumphalism and trade tantrums

Donald Trump’s articulation of what is often referred to as a strategic relationship rides a distinctly bipolar, rant and rave beat.

24 Feb 2020

2020 Budget leaves the economy wondering

Newton’s first law says that a body remains in a constant state unless acted upon by an external force.

02 Feb 2020

The LIC card and two more tricks that can get our economy humming again

India is caught at the intersection of a promise of a $5 trillion economy and the reality of a slowdown, between hope and despair.

02 Feb 2020

Out-of-box policy ideas for 2020

Shankkar Aiyar, author of Aadhaar: A Biometric  History of India’s 12 Digit Revolution,  and Accidental India

02 Feb 2020

Taxing the rich and helicopter economics: How about a Bharat Billionaires' ETF?

No complaint’, Adam Smith said, ‘is more common than that of scarcity of money’.

30 Jan 2020

Congress and the invisible hand

The January jamboree was a 'chintan shivir', organised to think about ways the Congress could return to power.

19 Jan 2020

When a widow sells her hair for food

In theory, the social programmes of the government are designed to prevent just this.

12 Jan 2020

Child deaths, mere statistics?

What raised the alarm is the quantum of deaths, 10 children in 48 hours. It is a testimony to the state of apathy that over 1,000 children died every year in the past six years in the hospital.

05 Jan 2020

Meanwhile, what MPs learnt in Parliament

The rubric of politics suggests the winter session was a contest of persuasive arguments on citizenship. It was also a session where MPs learnt some arresting facts about governance.

15 Dec 2019

Psychosis of the pending republic

Private conscience, it would seem, is at war with itself and with public conscience.

08 Dec 2019

GDP: How deep is the slowdown?

The good news is that GDP growth in the next quarter or the fourth quarter could well be a wee bit higher.

01 Dec 2019

Maharashtra 'Pawar' play: Game of Thrones in the age of BJP 2.0

While the BJP has managed to upset the momentum of Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP, how BJP’s bet will play out is a known unknown and Saturday’s events show even seven hours upend the best laid plan.

24 Nov 2019

Moody’s and the mood of the economy

In 2016-17, India clocked a GDP growth rate of 8.2 per cent. Three budgets later, India’s GDP slid to 6.8 per cent in 2018-19.

17 Nov 2019

RCEP retreat and detained reforms

India’s pause—or exit—is simply the price of the systemic flaws that have rendered the economy less than competitive

11 Nov 2019

Indians gasp as governments grope

Prakash Javadekar, once again environment minister, must be experiencing a sense of déja vu.

03 Nov 2019