2021 State polls: The opposition’s identity crisis

The Opposition, in stark contrast, is in retreat floundering against the Modi-Shah juggernaut and struggling to preserve relevance.

21 Feb 2021

New world Order: Forget G20, Form G2Trillion

The much awaited signal event, the first conversation between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, came to be this Thursday.

14 Feb 2021

Budget 2021: Triggers and tripwires

Expectations have a defining influence on politics — just as they have on economics.

07 Feb 2021

Economic Survey: Will Budget fix what India ails from?

The Economic Survey preceding Budget 2021 is in many ways the annual essay on the state of the union.

31 Jan 2021

Opposition must compete, present ‘shadow’ budget

A shadow budget could enable parties to answer many questions and outline the approach to sectoral challenges.

24 Jan 2021

Mobocracy: Is it just in Trumpistan?

Ironically, the divisiveness, the pandering of partisan politics which catalysed its collapse is inspiring demagogues in democracies.  

10 Jan 2021

Conundrum of contrasts in the Indian economy

It all boils down to finding resources, and the balance sheet doesn’t look pretty with just the Centre’s fiscal deficit at Rs 10.75 lakh crore for the April-November period.

03 Jan 2021

Hindsight 2020: Takeaways for Budget 2021

The gap between India’s potential and reality is reflected by the fact that the India Story continues to be defined, quote-unquote ‘emerging’ for three decades since 1991.

27 Dec 2020

Wistron saga and the state of states

For nearly a decade, India’s governments invested political capital to woo manufacturers of iconic products to ‘make in India’ by leveraging skill availability and low manpower cost.

20 Dec 2020

Spiralling Sensex, Stalled Disinvestment

In February, the gap between the expenditure and income was estimated at Rs 7.96 lakh crore and this widened by October to around Rs 10 lakh crore.

13 Dec 2020

Interest rates: What about the savers?

The hypothesis is that given India’s young population, the right approach is to facilitate consumption to boost investment and growth with lower interest rates.

06 Dec 2020

Banks for billionaires in RBI’s wonderland

Last week, the Reserve Bank of India released the Report of the RBI’s Internal Working Group to Review Extant Ownership Guidelines and Corporate Structure for Indian Private Sector Banks.

29 Nov 2020

American Democracy: Trial by Trumpism

A vote in a democracy is about being able to speak, and must be counted to be heard.

08 Nov 2020

Schadenfreude and spectre of COVID-19 second wave

For sure, India can draw comfort from the low case mortality and recovery rate as indeed in the drop in infections from over 97,000 cases to 45,000. However, there is no room for complacency.

01 Nov 2020

Gross domestic pain on rise of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is scarcely the first country cousin in the developing world to overtake India in per capita income.

25 Oct 2020