States, not just budget, hold key to GDP growth

This year India celebrates 75 years of Independence from Britain. Yet, the Union Budget continues to harbour a colonial aura even as it charms and courts centralised hope.

28 Jan 2022

Republic@73: Time to redesign the Constitution

As the nation celebrates its constitution coming into effect on January 26, the question is whether the Republic of India lived up to the promise of the ‘tryst with destiny’.

23 Jan 2022

India's Paradox: Vacant posts and joblessness

India is at an intersection where the political challenge is also an economic imperative.

09 Jan 2022

Hope 2022: India’s rise in $100 trillion global GDP

It is true that the rise and re-ranking of China and India was and is powered by demography.

02 Jan 2022

2022: Known unknowns, in quest of answers

As the world, wary and weary, heads into 2022, public mood is stranded between hope and despair.

26 Dec 2021

Global Markets: Alarm bells or hangover 

The many theories of economics hang between assumptions and expectations.

19 Dec 2021

Cost of rich world hypocrisy on vax waivers

In Germany, the outgoing chancellor Angela Merkel and her successor Olaf Scholz announced a ban on unvaccinated people from accessing all but the most essential businesses.

12 Dec 2021

Covid variant Omicron shakes up smug world

Just when the world thought it was safe to go back to a new normal, to exhale fear and inhale hope, a new variant crashed into the headlines.

28 Nov 2021

Air emergency: Governments flail, India gasps for breath

Governance by abdication is now part of the playbook of governments.

21 Nov 2021

Tripping discoms, taxpayer paid bailouts

Can there be a market of sellers without paying customers? For decades India’s political class persisted with the “extend and pretend” model of reforms in the power sector.

14 Nov 2021

Wuhan virus leak: G-20 leaders must fix onus

On the G20 agenda is ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Climate Change and the Environment’.

31 Oct 2021

RBI trips consumers in auto debit chaos

The explanation, breathlessly enunciated in one sentence of 66 words, is a collector’s item for students of linguistics and those tracking punctuated legalese by regulators.

24 Oct 2021

Infra Progress: Enable queries on PM Gati Shakti

Accountability is diffused as the authority for completion is divorced between the municipal body and the railways.

17 Oct 2021

Uncommon perils of Xi’s quest for common prosperity

Underlying the theme song of new China, stability and common prosperity is an existential fear.

10 Oct 2021

UN Summit: Annual jamboree of bystanders

To achieve the inspiring ideals envisage post the war, the world needs to reimagine the United Nations anew for it to be relevant to our times. Else, it is doomed to be a bystander.

26 Sep 2021