Crazy, chaotic, capricious norms of covid travel

An old maxim frequently attributed to Archimedes of Syracuse, states that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

19 Sep 2021

Pawar-speak on the crumbling Congress haveli

This is not the first time Pawar has presented his diagnosis of what ails the Congress. Pawar, who joined the Congress in the late Fifties, has an interesting history with the party.

12 Sep 2021

Infrastructure project delays: Loss of tax payer monies

The road to economic recovery, economists and policy makers aver, must be paved with increased government spending on infrastructure.

05 Sep 2021

Exit from Kabul: America’s bungle, India’s burden

Two decades later, the 9-11 Commission’s summation ‘of failures in imagination, policy, capabilities and management’ has acquired an eerie resonance. 

22 Aug 2021

Climate code red: India must go vocal and local

The latest climate change report defined by the United Nations as ‘code red for humanity’, lines up every imaginable catastrophe.

15 Aug 2021

Are you being represented by your MP?

Irony is dying a slow death in the hallowed precincts of the 1927 edifice held up by 144 columns.

08 Aug 2021

Opposition: It is Kumbaya  all over again 

The good news is that a semblance of competition is visible on India’s political landscape.

01 Aug 2021

30 years after 1991, liberalisation 2.0 needed

The saga of liberalisation is frequently enveloped in mythical notions - about who did what, when and how.

20 Jun 2021

Nirav Modi Scam: The Stench of Sloth

S CAM! It is a perfect acronym for 'Swindler Carted Away Money'. Folklore has it that the phrase scam came into the urban lexicon after an FBI operation called ABSCAM to track and nail the nexus betwe

16 Apr 2021

Economic Survey: Will Budget fix what India ails from?

The Economic Survey preceding Budget 2021 is in many ways the annual essay on the state of the union.

31 Jan 2021

The Rupee and the triple whammy

A week, it is said, is a long time in politics. So it is for the economy.

20 May 2018

Statutory warning: Systemic sloth kills

On Thursday, a school bus carrying schoolchildren was run over by a train at an unmanned railway crossing in Uttar Pradesh—13 children lost their lives and eight were grievously hurt.

28 Apr 2018

Local governance: A grounded promise

A quarter of a century ago, Parliament passed two amendments to the Constitution to empower governance at panchayats and municipal bodies.

15 Apr 2018

Does RaGa have a signature tune?

In his treatise, The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli observes that there are two critical variables for success. One is Fortuna, or the cards that one has been dealt with. The other is Virtu, or inherent

17 Dec 2017

Slowdown and the perils of #hashtag economics

In the 1840s, Claude Frédéric Bastiat, thinker and economist, wrote a seminal essay, Petition of the Candle-makers.

24 Sep 2017