Sikka’s Tata to Infosys and the perils of succession

Not long ago, two corporate entities were cited by funds and investors at conferences and in scholarly essays, held up as illustrative examples of standards of corporate governance.

20 Aug 2017

Greenspan warning, yaksha question and manic markets 

In the 1990s, soon after the Harshad Mehta scam, an elderly Marwari businessman introduced me to a truism about markets: “If everyone is making money, someone is printing it free.” 

07 Aug 2017

NPAs, non-performing actions and systemic risks to public monies 

Indians have in excess of 105 trillion rupees, or `106.50 lakh crore to be precise, parked in the banks. Of this, nearly `7 of `10 is with the public sector banks (PSBs).

10 Jul 2017

Why stop at red beacon, review practices to dismantle VIP cult

It is an innocuous clause—Section 70 (f) in the Motor Vehicles Act 1939, and Rule 108 of the MV Act of 1988. It deals with the use of “signalling appliances, lamps and reflectors”. 

23 Apr 2017

Too big to succeed, split up into smaller states

It is springtime—the metaphor for change. This week a new regime will take charge in Uttar Pradesh. Will poll promises get converted, will hope triumph over history? In governance, size does matter an

12 Mar 2017

Air pollution: two deaths per minute and politicos in denial 

This month, India was informed by two different studies that air pollution is causing pre-mature deaths across India. A study, by The Lancet, states that over a million Indians— or two Indians every m

26 Feb 2017

Known unknowns and why it makes sense to move GST to 2018

Shankkar aiyAr Author of Accidental  India: A History of the Nation’s Passage through Crisis 
and Change

18 Dec 2016