Shankkar Aiyar

Schadenfreude and spectre of COVID-19 second wave

For sure, India can draw comfort from the low case mortality and recovery rate as indeed in the drop in infections from over 97,000 cases to 45,000. However, there is no room for complacency.

01 Nov 2020

Gross domestic pain on rise of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is scarcely the first country cousin in the developing world to overtake India in per capita income.

25 Oct 2020

The quest of Atmanirbhar BJP

The BJP in 2020 is an organised juggernaut with a footprint that is larger than ever.

11 Oct 2020

2020 US Polls: The test of events

Thus far almost every major poll is predicting a victory for Joe Biden over Donald J Trump.

04 Oct 2020

United nations and the divided world order

It is true that there has been no world war since 1945. It is equally true that the UN has been less than able in resolving conflicts within the UN to halt those outside.

27 Sep 2020

Anti-farmer policies of pro farmer politics

The  most durable myth of India’s political economy is one perpetuated by its politicians — that the farmers need their protection.

21 Sep 2020

Why the economy can’t wait any more

The real threat confronting the long-term sustainability of the India Story precedes the lockdown — and is visible in data for the previous quarters.

06 Sep 2020

One nation, one tax, one act of God

For weeks now, the government of India and state governments have been dodging and weaving arguments on the quantum of losses and the obligation of compensation.

31 Aug 2020

Market mathemagics and meta-realities

How are the major economies doing? Between April and June, the US economy shrank by 9.5 per cent — or 32.9 per cent annualised. Japan reported a contraction of 7.8 per cent between April and June.

23 Aug 2020

NEP 2020: Piety demands educated outcome plan

The bitter truth is spelt out in the recently released New Education Policy 2020.

16 Aug 2020

US-China, Nixon to Trump: End of a delusion? 

Nixon called it the Week that Changed the World. July 2020 makes it 49 years, nearly half a century, since the fertilisation of a delusive idea which rested on a parade of fallacies and follies.

09 Aug 2020

With growth critical, can India afford not to spend?

The optimistic prognosis has raised eyebrows — particularly in the context of the surge in number of COVID-19 cases and repeated lockdowns across states.

26 Jul 2020

In Congress, old normal is the new normal

In 2020, Congressmen are in a desperate hunt for an idea to revive the leader and a rapidly disintegrating party.

19 Jul 2020

Data is the new oil…also the new snake oil

India has now crossed the 800,000-mark and is heading for the million milestone.

12 Jul 2020

Fund brick and mortar to construct growth

Revival of the economy calls for policies and funding which enable employment — of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour, those who are on the edge of poverty — to propel incomes and demand.

05 Jul 2020

If WhatsApp wishes were horses

Data depicts a harsh reality — fury is followed by furious expansion of imports from China.

28 Jun 2020

Question of interest: After moratorium what?

The critical and unstated question is whether loans taken when the economy was growing at around 5 per cent can be serviced when the economy is expected to contract/shrink by 5.2 per cent.

14 Jun 2020

Growth interrupted: The visible hand

There is a good reason why policies which promise change are defined as Next Gen reforms in India.

07 Jun 2020

Dragon’s dare calls for reset of dollar dynamics

What emboldens China is its economic power. For three decades and more, China systematically aligned economic growth deploying policy to lure technology and capital.

01 Jun 2020

Covid-19: The  Us-Them Polemics and Placebos

Say aah’ is rarely said these days. Orthodontology, thanks to the lockdown, like other segments of the economy is on pause.

24 May 2020

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