A reality star who gives us a reality check

Fate dealt Shay a very nice hand, in the form of material privilege, but there’s something so down-to-earth about her, and that’s what’s positively dazzling.

23 Jan 2021

Blooming like the kurinjipoo

The summer slipped away in illness and sorrow, and even by the season’s tail — when just enough flowers remained like a whispered rumour — something else kept me away.

07 Jan 2021

Building a shock absorber for creatives

While that experience made me disengage from the film and its attendant discourse, there was one aspect of the hullabaloo that I kept contemplating.

31 Dec 2020

A lonely battle to belong

For everyone in India, the end of this year, just like the end of the previous one, brings another new question on the notion of belonging.

30 Dec 2020

Are we buried under moral and ethical earthquakes?

The notion of belonging addressed then was about nationality, about paperwork or its absence that could render a person either enfranchised or stateless.

19 Dec 2020

When common sense is uncommon in a crisis

Every place in the world that has managed the pandemic well has done so through public cooperation and common sense, not denial and discourteousness.

10 Dec 2020

Look out for the K-Jos in your life

I’ve found myself quite enjoying shows I would earlier have considered badlywritten, boring or even upsetting, in the way that glimpses into lives one cannot have can sometimes be.

03 Dec 2020

Trolls behind the social media veil

The poster was made crudely and quickly because the words on it, decontextualised from Ocean Vuong’s poetry collection Night Sky With Exit Wounds, are all that matter.

26 Nov 2020

The making of a well-considered art

It is a relatively tiny figure, emerging out of a surge that some interpret as a “a swirling mingle of female forms”.

19 Nov 2020

Let women laugh, out loud

All that said, I identify for an unsophisticated reason: Harris has a big laugh, and bursts into peals of it frequently. So do I.

14 Nov 2020

Of heart breaks and anger management

Actor Vijay Sethupathi has withdrawn from a film on cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan due to online pressure, which included a rape threat being made against the former’s child.

02 Nov 2020

How to derive inspiration IRL

In the final instalment of a popular advice column, the journalist Oliver Burkeman listed out eight learnings that he believes are the secrets to a happy life.

05 Oct 2020

When the written word is wrung before it is read

The day after the withdrawal, another publisher stepped forward to release the controversial book.

31 Aug 2020

A lonely planet that holds out hope

Ceres spins between Mars and Jupiter, tiny in relation to the planets but with a gravitational force that rounds out its celestial body, larger than other asteroids.

13 Aug 2020

A code of ethics to get through the mess

The nature of opinion-sharing today often has us respond to an escalation, without necessarily having information of what led there.

06 Aug 2020