Antihelminthics in ayurveda

The proposed Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda has generated some controversy with people variously advocating its locations in Kerala, Delhi, Varanasi or West Bengal.

21 Mar 2020

Prevent diseases sans heroics

The simple philosophy that steps taken to prevent disease is also treatment, is attractive to hardly anyone.

15 Feb 2020

Ayurveda without fear

Questions are always posed to alternative medical practitioners that are almost never asked of western medical practitioners.

15 Dec 2019

Sucking blood to heal the body

If you are a trekker, you may have had your encounter with leeches.

19 Oct 2019

Rooting for tradition

The Western nutrition science is primitive and yet we, the Westernised elite in India, are so brainwashed by it that we can’t shake off the need for protein even when we are 75 years old.

01 Sep 2019

Retain bone health naturally

Instead of eating calcium tablets prescribed by allopathic doctors for almost everyone over 50, I think this is a for more effective medication to treat such conditions as osteoarthritis, knee pain.

21 Apr 2018