Meticulous planning needed for new growth

Reports of these people resisting testing and quarantine, followed by incidents of violence on health workers, deeply upset the PMO assessment.

04 Apr 2020

Gogoi saga: does Modi have a larger plan?

True, Justice Gogoi is the first former CJI to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha, that too three months after his retirement. However, he is not the first to join the House of Elders.

21 Mar 2020

Trinity of challenges  keeps Modi busy as he  fends off opposition

He listed three areas of deep concern — the trinity of social disharmony, economic slowdown and a global health epidemic caused by COVID-19 disease.

07 Mar 2020

Setting new terms of endearment in  changing seasons 

On the part of the BJP leaders too, there is a realisation that, given the issues engulfing the party affairs in Delhi, Kejriwal’s encore is not a bad proposition at all. 

22 Feb 2020

What next for Modi after Delhi polls? Let Budget do the talking

A decent number of 20 to 30 seats (compared to three in 2015) to emerge as a respectable opposition in a House of 70 could be more than a bonanza.

08 Feb 2020

Shaheen Bagh: Why the narrative does not unnerve the BJP

According to BJP leaders, the exclusion of Muslims from this legislation’s scope is by no means an attempt to rob the Indian Muslims of their citizenship.

25 Jan 2020