Sanskrit and society: Beyond politics of language - III

There is a need to question rigid notions about the country’s earliest languages and rethink Sanskrit as a rarefied literary culture of little reach or relevance.

27 Jul 2022

Sanskrit and society: Beyond the politics of language – II

The often non-elite venue, heterogeneous audience and pantomimic nature of Sanskrit drama suggest that it was not confined to aristocratic circles. 

27 Jun 2022

Sanskrit and society: Beyond the politics of language

It is important to understand that there is nothing inherently hegemonising in Sanskrit, and to assume so would be highly reductive of its rich history

07 Jun 2022

Early Indic visions of history – III

Among regional histories, the 12th century Rajatarangini (RT) stands tall. It gives a continuous chronology for early Kashmir, using traditional Indic calendars.

09 May 2022

Early Indic Visions of History - II

The presence of myths in the Epics has led historians to deny them the status of history, thereby defying the tradition's self-understanding.

19 Apr 2022

Early Indic visions of history – I

Read closely, Wilson’s adulation for the text’s historical qualities was in fact indictment of an entire literary culture and civilisation for its lack thereof.

31 Mar 2022

Pipedreams for Indian Academia - II

A good bit of the teaching done at India's formal centres of higher learning today, especially in our metropolises, tends to rely on imported Euro-American theories, concepts, methods and ideologies.

17 Feb 2022

Pipe dreams for Indian Academia — I

The earlier system of promoting teachers just by virtue of their having lived out a certain number of years in the system allowed many individuals to slip into a complacent disregard.

16 Jan 2022

From space to consciousness: Indic architecture-II

The temple plan thus symbolised the 'descent and ascent of consciousness' to quote R Nagaswamy, and provided for the merger of exterior with interior, or of eternal consciousness with that of devotee.

14 Dec 2021

From space to consciousness: Indic architecture – I

What is the practice of architecture meant to effect in human terms? A separation or a continuum? A split or equipoise? Alienation or belonging?

11 Nov 2021

Kashmir: A Forgotten History – V

So thoroughly Indic was Kashmir’s foundational history and so crucial was Kashmiri participation in the subcontinent’s affairs in the longue durée.

22 Oct 2021