The obscure opulence of joy and happiness

The avuncular establishment comprised myriad tombs and structures in red sandstone, sourced from the then local quarries.

20 hours ago

Whose space is it, anyway?

Six boys, in the 8-10 age group, from humble backgrounds were playing football in a ground adjacent to an apartment complex.

19 Feb 2020

The majestic charge of the bull brigade

Marina had the Shaheen Bagh look and feel. Food and water were being provided to the protesters. Police were vigilant.

10 Feb 2020

No corner for city’s cyclists

Separate track for cyclists. The most environment-friendly mode of commuting. Good for the heart, and for the planet.

05 Feb 2020

Misgivings at the  Mecca of music

My brief surfing of the television channels abruptly stopped at a station airing the Thyagaraja Utsavam.

22 Jan 2020

Finding home in an empty nest

Now that the holiday season has come to an end, all the parties, binge-eating/watching have to give way to work and studies before the brand new January energy slowly wanes into a complacent February.

09 Jan 2020

No New Year’s Day, to celebrate…

Today, partying is more a feeling for many, few genuine, but mostly fake.

02 Jan 2020

Alchoholics ‘anonymous’? Not anymore!

The doctor had never asked me whether I consumed alcohol.

26 Dec 2019

Auction of Panchayat seats as grassroots-level democracy plays out in TN

Caste and gender, of course, play a very vital role in the poll process. Since there are reserved constituencies, Dalits ought to get leadership positions.

23 Dec 2019

A tale of two cities in December

What we lived with was a clinically practical tar road gently sloping downward into the arms of orphaned dry leaves congregated amid dust and small patches of water.

19 Dec 2019

The new dirty three-letter word!

The little one was all over the place, first picking a brinjal and then suddenly getting distracted, and possibly fascinated, with a newly arrived consignment of broccoli.

11 Dec 2019

Do we have the time to stand and stare?

She began capturing those precious moments in her phone; once sitting and otherwise standing to capture the right angle.

05 Dec 2019

A last wish, and a lasting memory

A man sharing a picture of his grandfather enjoying a last drink with his sons in Wisconsin has gone viral on Twitter.

29 Nov 2019

Tale of two tragedies: Bane of banners and killing fields of borewells

Banners and borewells have sunk Tamil Nadu into a state of despair.

04 Nov 2019

Tirunelveli to Vellore via Vedaranyam, the caste cauldron is overflowing

Caste is not a physical object like a wall of bricks or a line of barbed wire which prevents the Hindus from co-mingling and which has, therefore, to be pulled down.

02 Sep 2019