Standing for the national anthem

One must stand up for the 52 seconds of Jana Gana Mana at all times. But faux patriotism should not be imposed on people

07 Nov 2019

Languages must unite a diverse India

Even in the Hindi heartland, Hindi is not the lingua franca; Rajasthan speaks Marwari, Malwi and Mewati among other dialects, which are difficult for a pure Hindi speaker to follow.

24 Sep 2019

Assault on indigenous assets

India’s ordnance factories have done a lot to defend the borders of our nation. But now, the Centre wants to corporatise them

29 Aug 2019

Not just a case of mistaken identities

The Centre is determined to weed out illegal immigrants via NRC. In the process, Indian citizens are getting crushed

01 Aug 2019

Fifth column in headless Congress

By and large, it is a fight between the old and the new in the party. But even within the same generation, there is infighting

15 Jul 2019

‘Fake news’ and freedom of the press

Attempts to muzzle the press are neither new nor unique to the current BJP government at the Centre

11 Apr 2018