Sumi Sukanya Dutta

Over half the people pushed into poverty worldwide due to healthcare expenses are from India: WHO report

For around 97 million people, of whom over 49 million are in India, these expenses are high enough to push them into extreme poverty, forcing them to survive on just $1.90 (Rs 122) or less a day.

15 Dec 2017

Flyovers raise risk of accident deaths by 15 per cent, says study

Vehicles come down flyovers at top speed and clear traffic bottlenecks but at a price—an increased risk of death to vulnerable road users, cyclists and pedestrians.

10 Dec 2017

FSSAI set to issue rule on mandatory warning against drunken driving on liquor bottles

Sources said that the decision comes following a meeting between FSSAI officials, representatives of several liquor brands and civil society members.

06 Dec 2017

Row over Punjab government's decision to introduce HPV vaccine funded by Gates foundation

This is the vaccine that was associated with deaths of tribal girls in Andhra Pradesh in 2010, in a clinical trial performed without their consent by PATH of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

06 Dec 2017

Questions raised over vaccination against cervical cancer

The row limited to Punjab at present, assumes national significance as most private gynaecologists across India prescribe the vaccination for all adolescent girls before they get sexually active.

04 Dec 2017

Most milk, oil brands give poor fare

Directions issued by India’s top food regulator to mandatorily fortify packaged milk and edible oil with Vitamins A and D has found few takers.

03 Dec 2017

Microsoft offers fattest pay package of Rs 1.4 crore at IIT Delhi; many get crore plus packages

At least seven students from IIT Delhi and Mumbai have bagged job offers with pay packages of over 1 crore per annum.

02 Dec 2017

Patent game: IIT Bombay beats Madras

A total of 563 applications for patents were filed in the country in 2016 by the IITs and a few other reputed engineering institutes.

01 Dec 2017

IIT-Ropar set to get first foreign faculty through VAJRA Faculty Scheme

IIT-Ropar is set to get the first visiting faculty from abroad under a special scheme launched by the Centre to appoint globally renowned teachers at institutes of higher learning to raise research st

29 Nov 2017

Government funded health insurance scheme has little impact, finds study

The study that used Chhattisgarh as test case found that over 95 percent of those covered could not fully avail cashless hospitalisation in private hospitals.

22 Nov 2017

Experts lift smokescreen from e-cigarettes

Centre set to issue advisory to all states on health risks of e-cigarettes after recommendations of an expert committee that said they contain carcinogens and do not offer a safe alternative to tobaco

21 Nov 2017

Centre set to issue advisory on health risks of e-cigarettes

The Centre is set to issue an advisory to all states on the health risks of e-cigarettes, following recommendations of an expert committee that said that these products contain carcinogens.

20 Nov 2017

CBSE asks affiliate schools to send reports on security provisions on urgent basis

The CBSE had earlier sent out a circular to all schools to follow the guidelines meant for ensuring safety of kids in the campuses and send compliance reports.

17 Nov 2017

Dermatologists demand ban on production and sale of skin creams containing steroid

A group of eminent dermatologists in the country has written to the Centre and the drug regulatory authority demanding a ban on manufacturing and sale of several skin creams containing steroids.

16 Nov 2017

Why suicide rates are higher in Tamil Nadu, other southern states in India

Rate of suicides is three times higher in the South and West Bengal as compared to rest of country.

16 Nov 2017

Lancet tears apart Centre’s health care spending, calls it disappointing

The Modi government's pledge to marginally increase health care spending to 2.5 per cent of the total Gross Domestic Product by 2025 has not gone down well with health specialists.

15 Nov 2017

Air pollution-related deaths see 17 per cent rise in India: Study

Study highlights that chronic respiratory disease, mainly caused by air pollution, is the second largest killer after cardio-vascular diseases.

15 Nov 2017

AIIMS doctors protest against salary slash

The changed rule will impact the salaries of 730 doctors at AIIMS, Delhi and 250 doctors at six new AIIMS.

12 Nov 2017