Sumit kumar singh

AAP Alongside BJP in Sonia's Blacklist

For the first time, Congress president Sonia Gandhi mounted an attack on the Aam Aadmi Party on Sunday at a rally in New Delhi’s Ajmal Khan Park stating that a few people ‘making tall claims ran away in a few days’.

31 Mar 2014

Political Parties, EC Stage Drama to Script Wide Voter Audience for Polls

In the theatre of politics, street plays become the face and the script of ideology.

31 Mar 2014

Under Attack, Modi Takes on Kejriwal

Terming Arvind Kejriwal Congress agent and backstabber, he says the people of India will never forgive him.

27 Mar 2014

IM Bomb Expert, 3 Others Arrested

Those arrested included Pakistan-based Zia-Ur-Rahman alias Waqas, who the police said was a most-wanted terrorist and a bomb-making expert.

24 Mar 2014

Tradition Logging Out of Sadar Bazar

Posters are passé, social networking is in. Traders in Delhi’s Sadar Bazar are amping up their game, but seem to be losing ground to the power of the online.

23 Mar 2014

Riding on Mobikes, Delhi Girls Take Fast Lane to Easy Money

In her late twenties, Ramandeep likes to live life kingsize.

16 Mar 2014

College Girls Turn Chain Snatchers to Make a Quick Buck

In her late 20s, Ramandeep likes to live life kingsize.

16 Mar 2014

Delhi EC Reaches Out to Southern Voters

Delhi’s Election Commission has for the first time set its eyes on the 16 lakh voters from southern states and is reaching out to them so that they can exercise their vote and play an active role in deciding the fate of the seven high-profile Parliamentary seats in the forthcoming elections. 

15 Mar 2014

Delhi Cops Ready to Blot Out Shoe and Ink Missiles

Delhi police have their jobs cut out this election season.

09 Mar 2014

Cops Prepare to Shield Netas From Physical Attacks

With the Lok Sabha elections around the corner, efforts are on to train Delhi police to prevent physical attacks against politicians and VIPs.

09 Mar 2014

Isreal Conflict