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Cream of the Crop

The Indian Statistical Institute, in Chennai, trains students for important research and analytical positions in the country

30 Jan 2015

Feel Safe In Maori Land

2Life Help app from AUT connects you to a call centre, which dispatches help in times of emergencies

30 Jan 2015

A Golden Reunion

There was no scramble for a high JEE rank, no coaching institutes to guide them to their dream IIT and yet they were thrust upon with responsibilities and challenges of a different kind

23 Jan 2015

For Ethical Hacking Enthusiasts

NIIT has tied-up with EC Council to offer a three-month course, which is priced at `29,000

13 Jan 2015

Beyond Skin Deep in the Leather Industry

The Central Leather Research Institute trains personnel for the leather industry at all levels — primary, secondary and tertiary

29 Dec 2014

Pioneering Not-For-Profit Research

IIT Madras Research Park has incubated over 30 companies across multiple sectors besides having around 40 corporate clients.

21 Dec 2014

Thinking on Your Feet, Quite Literally!

Prabhu Mani, 31, co-founder of Chennai Parkour is a soft-spoken, well-built man; his patience and composure evident when he speaks.

21 Dec 2014

Putting Two and Two Together

With a high level of theoretical rigour and academic calibre required of its students, Chennai Mathematical Institute belongs to a league of its own.

21 Dec 2014

Vrooming Ahead

Biker and car racer Alisha Abdullah plans to put together an all-girls racing team by 2016.

14 Dec 2014

Making Workplaces Harassment Free

With every office required to have a committee on sexual harassment in place, HR professionals would do well to learn the related laws

07 Dec 2014

It’s Indeed Rocket Science!

No mean feat, Indian student satellites have accomplished various stages of satellite development; The major takeaways for students is the knowledge and experience gained

07 Dec 2014

Acting Came Naturally to this Novice Group

Honestly, I had never imagined that the agriculture officer, the wretched and abhorrent Sachin Patekar, could be so amusing.

30 Nov 2014

Siblings Awe Tech World

Barely in their teens, Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran are probably the youngest self-taught programmers and app developers in the country.

30 Nov 2014

Transforming Society Through Research

More than 40 years old, Madras Institute of Development Studies has served as an important think tank in the country, shaping both public opinion and aiding the government’s role of policy making

22 Nov 2014

Sole Preserve of the State

A look at the state of law education in Tamil Nadu and whether private players would be a boon or bane to the system.

17 Nov 2014

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