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Making a Difference, Study By Study

In a free-wheeling chat with edex, Scientist Rajesh S Gokhale elaborates on his research interests, lack of funding and more

09 Nov 2014

No Muscle, no Strength, Just Technique Will Do

If you thought biking was about muscle and brawn, Ranjana Gopalakrishnan (20), a habitual biker, is definitely not who fits the bill. Self-admittedly underweight, she assures, “If I can do it, then anyone can.”

28 Oct 2014

Regulating the Regulator

The CoA’s role is caught between that of a far-reaching authority and a toothless body

25 Oct 2014

Cat Gets Longer Again

With Common Admission Test reverting to its old pattern, experts explore consequences

17 Oct 2014

A Call for Professionalism

Prof Mark Alexander of University of Cape Town, South Africa, advocates accountable practices in Civil Engineering

11 Oct 2014

Rankings to Help You Choose Wisely

IIT-Madras, Kanpur to soon come out with rankings of Indian higher education institutions

10 Oct 2014

Easier Now to Get Into IIT

Students with a minimum of 75 per cent in their boards and JEE cut-off can gain admission

10 Oct 2014

M.A.A.R.S Appeal

26 Sep 2014

Lending a Helping Hand

Making a difference in the unorganised sector in India by equipping people with various skills is LabourNet

13 Sep 2014

Indian Engineers SET to Go Places

Increased recognition of degrees globally means more freedom of choice and a larger variety of options both in terms of education and jobs

13 Sep 2014

Mega Scope for Nanotech

Prof V Ramgopal Rao of the Centre of Excellence in Nanoelectronics, IIT-Bombay, on the field and the prospects it presents

13 Sep 2014

'This Kind of Work Gives You a Purpose in Life'

The 21-year-old was a fundraising volunteer with Make A Difference (MAD), a not-for-profit organisation for two years. MAD volunteers aid in skill-development of children that help them get employed.

31 Aug 2014

‘Archaeology is beyond just ancient’

A tête-á-tête with Professor Nayanjot Lahiri who teaches History at Delhi University, on resuscitating the art and science of Archaeology

17 Aug 2014

A Finger in Every Pie – RTI, Higher Education and Student Activism

The programmes include Be Plus, a higher education development programme for students who have finished class XII or graduation and are willing to continue studies in Social Sciences.

17 Aug 2014

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