T J S George

Virus, virus, go away, l’le Johnny...

Someone in the national capital decided that, out of the 1,600 television channels in India, two Malayalam channels must be singled out for an outright ban.

15 Mar 2020

New call of ‘patriots’: GOLI MAARO

The halls fill the soul with the sound of ‘Jai Hind’, now said at the end of every speech.

09 Mar 2020

Showman and his Trump card

Donald Trump was told that 10 million people would assemble to welcome him. The population of Washington DC is seven lakh.

01 Mar 2020

Citizen is always manipulated

This thought will surely come to anyone who reads Ayodhya: City of Faith, City of Discord by Valay Singh.

25 Feb 2020

When God is not a vote catcher

Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia are Lilliputians over whom Narendra Modi and Amit Shah tower as Brobdingnagians.

16 Feb 2020

The bad BJP faces the good BJP

The BJP’s failure to get the support of Delhi citizens has been a humiliation for the party, especially for strategists like Amit Shah.

09 Feb 2020

Krishna Menon, alive and kicking

In the 1950s, the Urbs Prima in Indies was Bombay, not Delhi.

26 Jan 2020

Belur to Tagore: Who is Tagore?

Vivekananda represented Hinduism’s universal values and its philosophy of tolerance that won respect across the globe.

19 Jan 2020

Never has a government been so anti-people in India

Young people across the country are showing that a new India is rising. Even Uttar Pradesh will have to recognise this.

12 Jan 2020

Time for Gandhi’s, Tagore’s India

Allow me to welcome the New Year with some old words. Actually they are timeless words, always relevant.

05 Jan 2020

Whose government is running the country? Who is lying?

In his angry speech last week, the Prime Minister said that stories about detention centres in several parts of the country were jhoot hai, jhoot hai, jhoot hai (lies, lies and lies).

29 Dec 2019

Citizenship Act stir: Freedom struggle all over again

From Assam to Kerala, from Delhi to Tamil Nadu, from towns and villages, young people are on the march.

22 Dec 2019

Deve Gowda gets zero, must quit

We don’t know how many BJP crores rolled in the process.

15 Dec 2019

Spreading fear among the people

In more recent times, activists have been held under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and National Security Act rules.

08 Dec 2019

About the tyranny of er... others

Remember, Stalin was revered by a generation of Russians despite the horrors associated with him.

01 Dec 2019

Lawyers, cops & the individual

The scene was doubly incredible.

24 Nov 2019

A temple or a mosque? Obsessions of a nation talking about a $5 trillion economy

But now the self-appointed patriots of the country look at this 'foreign' name and conclude that I can only be anti-national.

18 Nov 2019

Tughlak lives, so do his ideas

Plans are proceeding at breakneck speed to change the history, geography, archaeology, philosophy and essence of Delhi.

10 Nov 2019

Pleasures of rewriting history

A complication in the rewriting saga arose when Tholkappiar, who codified Tamil grammar, was accorded the same reverence as given to Panini.

03 Nov 2019

Economics Nobel goes to a cook

Worse, he said economics was a "kind of sideshow" for him. The Nobel Prize for a sideshow?

27 Oct 2019

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