T J S George

Aam Aadmi is good for mango jokes; it's no name for a serious party

Aam Aadmi is at best a slogan, like Garibi. It can be the title of a newspaper column or of a cartoon feature. But it does not have the gravitas or emotional connect a party name needs. We only have to look at the words Congress and Janata to understand this.

17 May 2013

We seldom enforce laws, and that’s why rape victims are still victimised

There is a culture of rape and sadism that covers India. The ancient tradition of looking upon women as cattle to be used at will is strengthened by the modern tradition of the state serving the interests of the bribing class.

17 May 2013

Couldn’t the PM show some feelings in a time of strong feelings?

Manmohan Singh’s rape speech will be remembered as the grand tragedy of 2012. Perhaps he had no choice. The presence of the High Command is so overpowering that only an expressionless, opinionless prime minister can be theek hai.

17 May 2013

Politicians are involved in rape cases. Is that why there's no action?

The case of Bhanwari Devi in Rajasthan and of Anjana Mishra in Orissa involved high-ranking politicians. In Kerala, from the Suryanelli case to ice-cream parlour case, ranking political leaders were involved. They went free, giving the rape industry a big boost in kerala.

17 May 2013

Pakistan is too serious a problem to be left to our TV anchors

When Pakistan cut off an Indian soldier’s head, our aim cannot be to cut off Pakistani heads. We should try to cut off the misplaced support Pakistan gets from other countries.

17 May 2013

Now China is taking on Japan too; is the army’s influence growing?

Xi Jinping has made all the right noises, but he is the first civilian leader in recent times to have direct military links. The initiative for the strong positions China has taken against its neighbours must have come from its military leaders.

17 May 2013

An efficient Prime Minister is not the same as a wise Prime Minister

If India were to be run for corporate growth alone, Modi would be the ideal pm. Unfortunately, India is too vast, varied, and complex to be run for the interests of only Indian businessmen, European investors and farsighted Chinese strategists.

17 May 2013

Artistes can exile themselves, but battles must be fought at home

kamal Haasan cannot find in Los Angeles or London the audience connectivity he gets naturally in Coimbatore or Bangalore. His art is where his public is.

17 May 2013

When the State abets Communalism, independence itself is in danger

Fringe groups like this Sena and that Dal do not represent the great tradition of Sanatana Dharma. But they gain the most attention because they wear their fanaticism on their sleeves.

17 May 2013

Monsters became rulers in Rome too and see what happened there

When mayawati was thrown out and a young and educated Akhilesh became chief minister of uttar pradesh, it looked like a good augury. But all that happened was: A new set of criminals came in.

17 May 2013

When Budgets are made by politicians, they become missed opportunities

Finance ministers such as T T Krishnamachari and morarji Desai had the freedom to chart economic policies largely in line with their convictions. Today, Congress ministers have to fit their policy ideas into the larger rubric of dynasty politics.

17 May 2013

Hanging, bribing, raping and bombing: A clumsy way to run a country

In a country run by rowdies and amoral opportunists, cowards become just a part of the crowd. This is an India of philanderers and profiteers, of bigots and terrorists. They must be fought and defeated for India to be saved.

17 May 2013

But didn’t we know all along that Italians were more equal than us?

Economic interests apart, India has swallowed its pride when white men turned offenders even in criminal acts.

17 May 2013

Free rice, free cow, free TV, free mobile: The next coalition chaos is nigh

With the DMK out of its orbit, the upa government is at the mercy of mulayam singh yadav and Mayawati, marvels of democracy even Mephistopheles would be scared to have as partners.

17 May 2013

But for the judges who defend fairness, our country would be diminished

Justice Katju’s style is brusque, his words cutting. Sometimes they cut too deeply, leaving bruised images around. But his intentions are honourable and he has the guts to fight for what he feels just.

17 May 2013

When the voter is treated as a fool, beware the ire of the 99 per cent

Democracy of the few by the few for the few is flourishing. For now. The 99 per cent are watching.

21 Apr 2013

It’s all in the name in Indian political game

T J S George says that though Arvind Kejriwal’s intentions of launching an anti-corruption political party might be well meaning and he might have the people’s support.

06 Dec 2012