Rogues can be dressed as priests

To call Franco Mulakkal India’s Rasputin would be unfair to Rasputin.

06 Feb 2022

Reading? Subhas Bose is dead, isn’t he?

Perhaps the best way to understand the difference between yesterday’s India and today’s India is by looking at the way reading habits have changed.

30 Jan 2022

In Uttar Pradesh, BJP’s leaders know only love

Yogi Adityanath, the politician dressed in saffron, is well known for his ambition to replace Narendra Modi as the BJP’s prime ministerial nominee.

23 Jan 2022

A welcome book of assertive history

The thinkers included in this anthology are among this century’s most irrepressible provocateurs.

16 Jan 2022

Listen to Electron and his brothers

The reality is that a good deal of surface appearances has a determining effect on our opinions and our lives.

09 Jan 2022

How to eat your cake and have it too

In developed countries, this does not happen because things other than politics, such as sports and arts, play dominant roles in everyday lives.

02 Jan 2022

Goodbye 2021, but welcome to what?

Lay columnists and lay readers may need time to reach some kind of working arrangement with 3D interactive internets and such other marvels.

30 Dec 2021

The tragedy that was Air India

It’s important that I share with the public what I experienced flying with Air India (AI) this time. 

19 Dec 2021

Too many VIP deaths, something amiss? 

Security experts have practices and conventions based on what they have learned from experience.

12 Dec 2021

Hail to the glories of corruption

Notice also that the loving father took his sons to Delhi in a chartered aircraft. In our country, even politicians marked for the waste basket live in royal style.

05 Dec 2021

The reach of intolerant minds

They must take into account some recent developments that point to new realities that have become part of our lives.

28 Nov 2021

Correction: Freedom came in 2014

At last, we have someone teaching us real history.

21 Nov 2021

When rowdies become presidents

Classic street language used by rowdies. But these sentences were used by the President of a country. And in public.

14 Nov 2021

The politics of inverted binoculars

Amit Shah must be using special binoculars that shut out what he does not want to see.

07 Nov 2021

Weep for the women in Afghanistan

The greatest cookery advice came from, who else, the Chinese. It said: “Excess marks the amateur; subtlety signals the master chef.

31 Oct 2021