Many faces of ‘National Interests’

National interests” has become a phrase that challenges the citizen, frightens him and threatens him all at once.

24 Oct 2021

Not all can see democracy's power

CM Adityanath is tough when he has to act against opponents and minorities and beyond that, his priorities seem different as extra judicial killings find hardly any resistance from the government.

17 Oct 2021

Porbandar, Phulpur: Lessons to learn

As political standards fell, mafia power rose. Or, perhaps, it was the other way.

10 Oct 2021

A Kanhaiya opportunity for Congress

The JNU leader’s entry gives the Congress a new vigour, but it cannot amount to much if confusion continues at the top levels of the party’s leadership.

03 Oct 2021

Lessons to learn from Ayodhya

As poet Vayalar said: Man created religions. Religions created gods. Religions and gods joined hands to exploit the minds of humans.

26 Sep 2021

Happenings after Kamba Ramayanam

In today’s India everyone is either poor or rich, none is learned and all are ignorant, none ever gives but all ever take.

19 Sep 2021

Miseries of poverty, not pleasures

Prince Charles has a special valet to squeeze one inch of toothpaste on to his brush every night. There is also a valet to iron his shoe laces every morning.

12 Sep 2021

Azadi, Amrit Mahotsav and Savarkar

Those who have an ideological baggage to sell tend to overdo things, making them look foolish in the process.

05 Sep 2021

Why I am not jealous of Ambani

In the normal course of things, people feel jealous of Mukesh Ambani for the phenomenal wealth he commands. I feel sorry for him.

29 Aug 2021

Seeing Hinduism upside down

Hinduism will be finished in another century,” says Abhijit Iyer Mitra, an academic.

22 Aug 2021

The time has come, warns Mamata Banerjee

It is of course clear by now that people would welcome a change from the present situation.

15 Aug 2021

Those who giveth, those who taketh

Rich people with a generous mind are not a rarity in India. Published reports show that quite a few of them are inclined to give parts of their wealth to others.

08 Aug 2021

PMs may come, PMs may go, but Modiji...

The Hindu Hriday Samrat seems more secure in his seat than any of his predecessors, not excluding Jawaharlal Nehru.

01 Aug 2021

Flabbergasted by incompetence

Numerous 21-day spells have come and gone, yet the Modi brigade is unaware of the credibility gap it has created.

20 Jun 2021

Cremations don’t matter when PM-cares

Two contrasting scenes of shame hit India last week. One was people dying in Ahmedabad in numbers the crematoriums could not handle.

18 Apr 2021