V Suryanarayan 

Continuity and change in India’s Sri Lanka policy

Hitherto, stability and security of the Lankan government, even if it was unpopular among sections of people, was the main guiding factor. Not anymore.

16 May 2022

So near, yet so far: Tamil predicament in Sri Lanka

If the Sri Lankan Navy believes that it can create a Berlin Wall in the Palk Strait, it is living in a fool’s paradise.

08 May 2022

Lanka crisis brings refugee issues to the fore

The flow of people to India is likely to increase because the nation-building experiments in neighbouring countries are based on the religion and language of the majority.

15 Apr 2022

Singapore pot calling Indian kettle black

In India, there are many admirers of Singapore’s political system. But what they don’t realise is that it had to pay a heavy price—the essentials of a vibrant parliamentary democracy.

25 Mar 2022

Investment by diaspora in Tamil Nadu, rhetoric and reality

Despite the many advantages that it has, the state has not been able to attract resources from the Tamil diaspora. What can be done?

16 Feb 2022

Light at the end of tunnel for Sri Lankan refugees

The first meeting of the new committee constituted by the Tamil Nadu government to look into the problem of refugees was held recently and there has been a heartening development.

16 Jan 2022

The plight of Tamils of Indian origin in Sri Lanka

Apply any yardstick to workers in Lanka’s tea plantations—living conditions, longevity of life, education—they are at the bottom of the ladder.

22 Dec 2021

Netting a solution for fishing in Palk Bay

The fishing equipment that is prohibited in Sri Lanka must be banned by India in the Palk Bay.

23 Nov 2021

Lanka prayer campaign, Gandhian struggle at its best

The major problem confronting the Indian Tamil community from 1948 to 2003 was the stigma of statelessness.

02 Oct 2021

A significant omission in Lanka envoy’s document

Unless the Sinhalese start speaking of democracy with respect for diversity and power-sharing, India-Lanka relations would be subjected to severe stresses and strains 

19 Sep 2021

Ups and downs in India-Singapore relations

What caused differences between the nations was basic disagreement about the role of major powers. The current upswing began with the ascendancy of Goh Chok Tong

09 Aug 2021