Vinay Sahasrabuddhe

Why Droupadi Murmu is important

Her victory symbolises a tribute to all leaders of tribal communities who have always worked hard to uphold the traditions, heritage and identity of the Scheduled Tribes.

20 Jul 2022

Vishwa Guru India: The why and the how

India can set an example of how we can move towards modernity and still save ourselves from mindless Westernisation.

22 Jun 2022

Eight years on, the reasons for Modi govt’s success

While the last-mile delivery of several welfare programmes and schemes is responsible for the Centre’s popularity, the messaging by the PM has also played a key role

26 May 2022

A monument of magnanimity in New Delhi

The setting up of this Sangrahalaya is singularly important considering the fact that as a society we are not famous for properly documenting contemporary history.

29 Apr 2022

Working towards a Lancet for Ayurveda and Yoga

For Ayurveda to blossom globally as one of the most ancient and significant knowledge systems, marrying it to modern medicinal research and documentation systems is a must.

31 Mar 2022

The why and how of civil services reforms

Another important feature of these reforms is loosening the iron grip of IAS on various positions of joint secretaries to the Government of India.

05 Mar 2022