Face-off: artists vs enthusiasts

Last week, I had a dream that Elton John released his own make-up line. I went on to be his make-up artist in this dream, though I didn’t have any products from his line.

25 Feb 2020

Adventures of men & multi-use products

This is my qualm: you can never be anything but let down by something that claims to clean and condition your hair in one. Fabric softener in your hair simply cannot, and should not be done. 

18 Feb 2020

Gross days of love

Valentine’s day. Much like death, it approaches.

12 Feb 2020

Surviving the apocalypse 

Look around you, who are we really kidding? It’s certain that an apocalypse is underway. If there is another thing I am absolutely (read as: somewhat) sure about, it is that I’m not particularly vain.

04 Feb 2020

Help, I’m a crybaby

No grown adult needs to carry baby wipes in their bag,” my exasperated brother says, while trying to fish keys out of what vaguely resembles Pandora’s box.

28 Jan 2020

Curious case of luscious lips 

Men! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

23 Jan 2020

Curious case of luscious lips 

On another note, most will never admit to this, but men are afraid of lip gloss.

21 Jan 2020

Spoiler alert: the internet lies

It is a fate that I have happily resigned myself to — beauty and cooking ‘hacks’ ie strange food and DIY beauty tricks using only a few ingredients.

17 Jan 2020

Hello Jon snow, winter is here!

Sigh. Winter in all its glory means that it is minus two degrees and I am over 80 per cent dry shampoo at this point. I

08 Jan 2020

Mirror people and the new year

What matters is that you find what fits your schedule and stick to it.

02 Jan 2020

Men and make-up misadventures

It is awfully easy to get lost in the world of gilded packaging and shiny makeup, though all you need is a credit card and a proactive approach.

27 Dec 2019

Men and make-up misadventures

Five hours later, and after nearly missing his flight, he comes back home with a mauve lip gloss. God bless his heart.

26 Dec 2019

Help, I’m a pesky polish picker

Alright nail pickers, gather around.

17 Dec 2019

For your eyebrows, or the lack of them

Next time you tweeze with impunity, get some blocks of ice and a bottle of whiskey.

11 Dec 2019

Acne, blush & acceptance

The subtext of what she was saying, was that only people who have smooth, clear and pore-less skin can wear blush.

03 Dec 2019