Sex education is must for the younger generation, say experts

Express News Service

CHENNAI: Kamaraj Multispeciality Hospitals and the Indian Sexology Association will organise three-days exhibition on sexology, exclusively for men in connection with the World Sexual Health Day on September 4.

The three-day exhibition during September 2-4 will be held at the Kamaraj Multispeciality Hospital, which will be inaugurated on September 2 by H Vasanthkumar, MLA and chairman of Vasanth & Co. The hospital also will conduct a 10-lakh signature campaign on September 4 to spread awareness. Human chain also will be organised.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Dr T Kamaraj, chairman, Indian Sexology Association said, sexual awareness among public is low. “Discussions on sex and sex-related issues are still taboo in our society. So youngsters are clueless about the subject. This leads to depression, confusion and anxiety. So such exhibitions and awareness camps will help solve these issues,” he epxlained.

The theme of 2016 is ‘Sexual health: Eliminate myth’. “The hospital will also provide free consultation, counselling on sexual health,” said Dr KS Jeyarani Kamaraj, member of Indian Sexology Association. During the exhibition, many sex -related problems like impotence, sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, infertility, latest medical and surgical advancements in the field of sexology etc will be discussed.

Delegates from across the country will participate in the exhibition. Reputed sexologists, consultants, and professors will highlight on the above mentioned topics. Videos related to sexual education and sexuality in human being also will be screened during the exhibition.

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