Andhra Pradesh

‘Global Tech Summit will help revolutionalise science’

Deepika Kolluru

VISAKHAPATNAM: At a meeting held with the Global Tech Summit-2023 leaders in Hyderabad on Friday, Head of the department of Technology Development Transfer, Department of Science and Technology Dr Anita Agarwal applauded the 2023 Global Tech Summit, to be held in Visakhapatnam as a very good platform for technology professionals, individuals, entrepreneurs and start-ups alike to present their work and take advantage of opportunities for commercialization.

She said that the summit in the city of destiny will bring together some of the world’s leading experts in science and technology from universities, IITs, DSTs and CSIRs. This will accomplish great things by fostering collaboration and driving economic growth through the transformation of science into technology, she added.

“The Global Tech Summit is an important platform not only for India but also for the entire world,” opined Dr B K Sahu, Regional Director of the National Research and Development Corporation. He highlighted the projects of global importance, including those related to mass healthcare and the integration of health as well as science, that are set to benefit mankind.

“The summit, which is being held in Vizag on February 16-17, will feature a no. of key projects for collaboration in frontier areas of science, with a focus on strategic fields. These projects, which were identified by a team of 20 leading innovators from IITs, CSIRs, DSTs and universities, will be showcased and finalised during the summit for fund-raising as well as commercialization,” said Dr Srinubabu Gedela, the Global Tech Summit’s lead organizer, founder and CEO of Pulsus Group.The summit is an initiative of the AP government, the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, the Pulsus Group. Projects worth `3,000 crore are likely to be signed during the event.  

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