Vidya Iyengar

Booking a new experience 

Innovation is the key word at this point in time, especially in the hospitality industry, which has been significantly hit during the pandemic.

26 Jun 2020

Safety vows

With wedding ceremonies on the cards again, demand for embellished masks for brides and grooms are on the rise; some even send out masks with their invites

18 Jun 2020

Fasting doesn’t have to suit every person, says author of 'The Dry Fasting Miracle'

Ever since Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan revealed his go-to fitness mantra – intermittent fasting – it has taken the internet by storm.

15 Jun 2020

Flying high with ideas

Boutique travel agencies are now offering virtual experiential sessions conducted by local experts in other countries

27 May 2020

Jest in case

Dermatologist and comedian Dr Anil Abraham has come out with a series, Ungle’s Simbil Solutions, which provides humorous lockdown advice 

19 May 2020

Extending hospitality

As executive housekeeper at ITC Gardenia Bengaluru, Amandeep Kaur’s work has always revolved around cleanliness and sanitation.

25 Apr 2020

Notes of harmony

Entrepreneur Akshai Sarin juggles his time between his start-up, music and professional healing 

03 Mar 2020

Piecing together a precious bond

After digging through archives for a decade, Francesca Cartier Brickell traces the journey and transformation of a humble Parisian jewellery store into the symbol of luxury in her book

15 Feb 2020

Bengaluru's Sindhu Gangadharan is first woman to head German tech giant 

While she’s often asked about work-life balance, the mother of two – who relocated to Bengaluru after spending 18 years in Germany – feels that it is “so last century.”

31 Oct 2019