​Shantanu David

At the Mountains of Muchness

If you go to Mary Budden Estate like us dear reader, you are assured that happy ending. But first lies, er, lays the way there. It is undoubtedly long.

19 Feb 2021

Why small is big: Delhi restaurateur Manish Sharma on his glocal experiments

Sharma, who owns Molecule Air Bar and Viet:Nom, speaks on life beyond molecuar gastronomy, brainstorming while driving and finding Vietnam in Germany.

14 Feb 2021

Legally found: Youth tops his booze shop with a Greek-themed cafe

Since the 21-year-old didn’t find that, he did the next best thing: he opened his own, topping it with a Greek-themed café.

01 Jan 2021

Couple by design: SAVA International's Anuj and Suruchi Khanna have each other's back

Suruchi and Anuj Khanna speak on decorating homes around the world, while building their own in Delhi.

18 Oct 2020

Robot at your service: Machine healing for patients

This robotic startup is also doubling down on using its new automated solutions, specially designed for its usage in hospitals, malls, airports, hotels, office spaces, etc to fight against COVID-19. 

30 Sep 2020

Uncanny valley: News from around the world

While the European Union is already cautiously planning to open up its nations to tourists, a California street was taken over by a herd of 200 goats.

15 May 2020

Karma Lakelands redifines the art of living in Gurugram

Aashna Khurana and her husband Bhisham Chawla of Karma Lakelands on mixing business with pleasure with a gated community, comprising of villas, a boutique golf course and other luxe amenities.

10 May 2020

No judging: Bizzare news from around the world

While a five-year-old boy was caught driving in Utah over his demand to buy a Lamborghini, the US Supreme Court made history on Wednesday by holding arguments over the phone for the first time.

08 May 2020

What is the importance of having cleanest hands especially during coronavirus times?

From celebrities to politicians to celebrity politicians, everyone in front of a camera has sought to deliver the ultimate hand wash tutorial.

24 Mar 2020

'Antakshari' makes its comeback to our households to bring respite during India's 'Janata curfew'

Shuttered indoors on Sunday, a locked down nation played Antakshari on Twitter

23 Mar 2020