A Geethan

It is Okay to Cry; It is Human and Not Weak

Tears express a lot more than what is communicated explicitly, we feel the need to cry when we experience love or sadness

20 Sep 2014

Eyes are the Index of the Mind and Heart

Maintaining eye contact with our family members helps us understand the intensity of love and respect they have for us

13 Sep 2014

Tongue-Tied on Stage? Role-Playing Helps

Choose your role model, visualise the speaker, imagine performing like him/her and don’t hesitate to holler for help

06 Sep 2014

Ashamed of Yourself? Acceptance is Bliss

Shame is a mixed feeling of fear, anger and envy. Accepting yourself will give you strength to face the situation in hand.

31 Aug 2014

Never Displace Frustration Onto Others

Take responsibility for your actions and results, channel your frustration to foster development and move forward

23 Aug 2014

It’s Healthy to Embrace Your Emotions

Getting others’ approval is not in your hands. Focus on what you want and forge ahead with your plans

27 Jul 2014

Build a Trusting Parent- child Relationship

An overindulgent or neglectful parent can harm a child’s development. Where are you going wrong? Find out

20 Jul 2014

Are You an Assertive or Supportive Parent?

Overall development of a child depends on developing individualism while staying connected to the family

13 Jul 2014

Children Perceive Your Reaction Differently

Are you a parent who gives affection conditionally or do you believe in tough love?

06 Jul 2014

What was Your Experience as a Child?

As parents, you have to be nurturing and provide a structure for your children in equal measure

29 Jun 2014

Analyse if You are Mature to Fall in Love

To be in a relationship, you need to be responsible and strong to follow through and move forward in life

22 Jun 2014

'What Would You Do If You Didn't Worry?'

Focus your energy not on mindless anxiety about the future, but on how you can make your present more productive

15 Jun 2014

Seek and Establish the ‘Student’ in You

As a student you have a responsibility to study, but you can also take a break and explore other skill enhancing activities

08 Jun 2014

Take Charge of Your Helplessness

Understanding the concept of confluence in Gestalt therapy will help you develop boundaries between the environment and you

01 Jun 2014

Learn authenticity from children

Children make mistakes in the process of forming their identity. Write your rules on sand, not stone, to give them space to learn

25 May 2014

Pause to See the Reason Behind Lies

If a child lies, listen to his/her explanation before acting on it. Avoid drastic punishments as it can curb the child’s growth.

17 May 2014

Life is how you choose to see it

Don’t let braces bring your self-confidence down. Learn to engage with life and bring out the best in yourself

11 May 2014

Suicide is Not an Option, Advises Our Columnist

Dr Eric Berne, the founder of Transactional Analysis (an integrative approach to psychology and psychotherapy) showed, that all of us have written a life story about ourselves.

04 May 2014

Self Acceptance for Harmony

If you constantly feel like you can’t do enough, maybe you are doing enough. Learn to strike a balance in life

04 May 2014

Understanding Your Sexuality

Do you struggle with the idea of sex and deem it sinful? Here’s how you can develop a healthy attitude towards it

27 Apr 2014

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