Twitter is not above our country’s law

The government and Indian people have noticed the double standards employed by the social media platform while handling the violence at Capitol Hill and Red Fort 

15 Feb 2021

Stop lecturing India about democracy

India is the largest and most vibrant democracy in the world. Why do we allow small nations, often incomplete democracies, to define the concept and lecture us on these values?

15 Dec 2020

Not a good idea for Tejashwi to imitate Trump

The young RJD leader campaigned well and offered a stiff fight to the NDA. However, some of this shine has worn off after his Trump-like baseless claims of electoral fraud

18 Nov 2020

Remembering Netaji on Hukumat day

The resolve of Subhas Chandra Bose and the popular support for his Indian National Army led to the quick exit of the British colonisers from India

21 Oct 2020

The Swamiji who protected our constitutional rights

 There cannot possibly be a judgment more important than this 1973 verdict for the preservation of our democratic traditions

25 Sep 2020