A Satish

Kathakali asan giving female artistes their due in Kerala

Dhanya Kiran, who works for a leading Malayalam channel in Ernakulam, travels every weekend to attend Asan’s classes.

22 May 2023

Independent microgrids to power far-flung Attappadi settlements in Kerala

Over 40 tribal families benefitting from C1.43-crore unit set up at Thazhe Thuduki; tenders floated for decentralised units in Mele Thuduki and Galasi

20 Apr 2023

Despite 5 per cent jump in sales, deficit in local procurement hurting Milma

With summer at its peak , the procurement of milk has taken a beating in the state and on an average there is a deficit between 2.50 lakh litres to 3 lakh litres per day.

02 Apr 2023

From France, with love for Koodiyattam  

Intrigued by a 2016 performance in Paris, Shakuntala, 72, recently staged her arangettam in the traditional art form, reports A Satish

02 Apr 2023

Dredging work on in three Palakkad dams as Kerala govt eyes additional revenue

Assistant executive engineer (Irrigation) Arun Ponnappan said it has also been proposed to separate sand from the silt.  

28 Mar 2023

Tale of PT 7: Two months on, Dhoni well on path to mastering ‘kumki’ ways

Being trained by 2 mahouts belonging to Malasar tribe, tusker could come out of kraal in another 4-5 months

28 Mar 2023

Trio on a mission to reduce plastic waste in Palakkad

They pleaded before us to at least reduce the fine. 

21 Mar 2023

Medicos in Palakkad adopt three settlements in Atttappadi to study tribal issues

The group of first-year students of Palakkad Medical College have adopted three tribal settlements in Attappadi -- Varagampadi, Elachivazhi and Palur -- under the Community Medicine Project.

06 Mar 2023

French women soak in the splendour of temple festivals in Palakkad

But Arlette quickly intervenes and says she must attend the spectacular Manapully temple vela on March 2, which is held with great fanfare.

01 Mar 2023

Kerala to feature all-women tableau for Republic Day parade

She added that due to the poor weather conditions in New Delhi, a decision was taken to not bring women above 60 years.

25 Jan 2023

Kerala wild elephant PT 7 tranquillised, caged after 10-hour operation

Confident that the jumbo would return for food, the rapid response team (RRT) camped in the forest for the night.

23 Jan 2023

Kerala: Two kumkis used to cage PT 7 were troublemakers

Two of the three kumkis were also troublemakers who were caught and caged in a similar manner, before they were trained to subdue other rogue elephants.

23 Jan 2023

Birders spot 17 newcomers in Silent Valley

The group put up camps at Valakkad, Poochipara, Sairindhri and Neelickal and set up tents at Kumban and Swisspara.

04 Jan 2023

Rogue tusker PT7 to be tranquillised, caged in Dhoni itself

He said an order to this effect has been brought out by Ganga Singh, principal chief conservator of forests, who is also the chief wildlife warden of the state.

03 Jan 2023

With love from Tokyo on ayur-yoga expedition

Yoga poses are not Greek to Nana Morooka from Tokyo, let it be tadasana, vrikshasana, trikonasana, virabhadrasana, adho mukha svanasana or garudasana.

17 Oct 2022