A Satish

This Kerala autorickshaw driver takes road mishap victims to hospitals for free

Gopalakrishnan, an autorickshaw driver, has been taking accident victims to the  hospital for free over the past decade, reports A Satish

22 May 2022

Kerala forest watcher went missing on his own, feels probe team

The police have questioned Rajan’s friends and family members. They have also issued a lookout notice for him.

20 May 2022

Forest watchers in Silent Valley stay at mercy of wild animals

It has been four days since forest watcher P P Rajan of Mukkali went missing while on duty in the Silent Valley.  

08 May 2022

Search operations for Silent Valley forest watcher enter fourth day

Silent Valley looks unusually grim as search ops for a 52-year-old forest watcher entered the fourth day on Saturday.

07 May 2022

Santosh Trophy: Hard yards behind the sparkle

Former player, coach and organiser P Shankaran has contributed immensely to the growth of football in the district, reports A Satish.

01 May 2022

Train coaches, stations rented for Rs 61 lakh for film shoots

The Thiruvananthapuram division of Southern Railway will earn Rs 61 lakh by renting five coaches and allowing use of Ernakulam, Aluva and Guruvayur stations for shoots.  

28 Apr 2022

Green at heart: Kerala man doing his bit for environment conservation

After the monsoon sets in, Kallur Balan goes on a planting drive. During summer, he collects damaged fruits and feeds animals on the forest fringes, reports A Satish 

17 Apr 2022

Kerala man's story of reaping rewards of dairy farming in coconut grove

8 yrs into venture, V Hakeem has over 150 cows and supplies 650l of milk daily, reports A SATISH

03 Apr 2022

Kerala man performing final rites, by choice

Ramesh Korapath, a master’s degree holder, left his job as a CRPF sub inspector to take up cremation at Ivor Madom in Thiruvilwamala for a  career, reports  A SATISH

13 Mar 2022

Kerala sisters recount tale of escape from Kyiv

A missile that hit a building opposite their university forced them to take a long, stressful and exhausting journey to the Slovakian border, over a 700-km journey to safety.

06 Mar 2022

Meet Shijina, magical voice behind announcements at Kerala railway stations

The voice in railway announcements — in English, Hindi and Malayalam — is that of Shijina Arun, a  music teacher, reports  A Satish

27 Feb 2022

Palakkad parents of 2 children stranded in war zone tense

Suresh Kumar and Archana were tense when TNIE met them at their residence in Valiyapadam in Palakkad on Thursday.

25 Feb 2022

Board plans 200 mw renewable energy projects in 10 dams

Several corporate investors, including Tata Group & NTPC, participate in tenders; bids for wind energy plants to be opened on February 24.

22 Feb 2022

Kerala trekker Babu ready to climb again, even Mount Everest

“If I receive training, I don’t mind giving Mount Everest a try,” said R Babu who was rescued from a cleft in the Kurumbachi hills after a 45-hour ordeal.

12 Feb 2022

Third child of Kerala daily wager couple too joins MBBS

However, they always carried the spark in them to excel in studies and set an example. None of them went to any top-notch private school. 

11 Feb 2022