A Sharadhaa

‘Women should have a voice in the industry’

... says debutante director Prerna Agarwal, who talks about her upcoming film, which focuses on child trafficking and child labour

28 Feb 2022

Old Monk review: This comedy-drama will definitely lift our spirits

With cas the title, and the innovative posters, trailers, teasers, and songs from the film ensured to pique the interests of the audience.

26 Feb 2022

Ek Love Ya review: A deeply romantic drama with a twist of hate

With his latest outing, Ek Love Ya, director Prem has tried to delve into the theme of a love-hate relationship between youngsters with added elements of parent-children bonding.

26 Feb 2022

‘Technicians are my heroes, and they are with me at every step of my direction’

Ek Love Ya, which is set to screen on February 24, marks Prem's third romantic film after Excuse Me and Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melide.

24 Feb 2022

I need to distance myself from films that bear the title Love: Rachita Ram

Ram talks about her role in the upcoming film'Ek Love Ya' and discusses being in the headlines for playing 'bold' characters.

23 Feb 2022

Movie Review | Right note, amateur attempt

'Bhava Chitra' begins as a regular boy-meets-girl film but debutant director Girish Kumar B brings in reincarnation and paranormal elements to give it a twist of sorts.

22 Feb 2022

Working with a director like Prem is a debutante’s dream: Reeshma Nanaiah

The actor talks to CE ahead of the film’s release and says she feels lucky to be working with an established director like Prem right in her first film

22 Feb 2022

'Gilky' Review: Laudable attempt let down by logical loopholes

Depicting characters that aren’t beautiful or perfect is a risky task, but the director has taken it as a challenge in his debut film.

21 Feb 2022

Packed with laughter and surprise

Likith, who gets into medical college, decides to stay away from his broken family and starts staying single.

19 Feb 2022

By Two Love is all about relationship management

Director Hari Santhosh’s By Two Love begins as a candy floss drama about two youngsters, who do not believe in friendship, love, or marriage, but still experience the process.

19 Feb 2022

Home is where the heart is: Family Pack director Arjun Kumar

Drector Arjun Kumar, who along with actor Likith Shetty and Amrutha Iyengar, shares his thoughts about their upcoming film, Family Pack.

17 Feb 2022

End of a musical era 

Having been associated with several Kannada movies, Gangvaa, Africadalli Sheela, Love in Mandya, ‘disco legend’ Bappi Lahiri had a strong connect with Sandalwood

17 Feb 2022

I can’t make another film like majestic: Darshan

The actor, who is currently shooting for Kranti, is just taking a two-day break from the sets.

16 Feb 2022

AP Arjun unveils first-look poster of Addhuri Lover

The poster features a stylish Virat and Priyanka Kumar on a dirt bike. The former will be playing a bike racer, the latter, a college student

15 Feb 2022

Nagashekar to direct Niranjan Sudhindra in an action thriller titled Q

The film, to be made in multiple languages, will mark the acting debut of Bhagyashree’s daughter, Avantika Dasani

14 Feb 2022

'Love Mocktail 2' Review: Krishna delivers a perfect blend of love and laughter

In his debut directorial, Love Mocktail, Krishna had brought together bittersweet ingredients of life through the stories of Adi (Krishna), Aditi (Rachana Inder), and Nidhi(Milana Nagraj).

12 Feb 2022

‘Love Mocktail 2 is best experienced as an individual film’

In conversation with CE, Krishna and Milana  Nagaraj talk about the sequel, the process behind the making, and how it is always a challenge to keep up with the audience’s faith

10 Feb 2022

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