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72-year-old Dasarath is 'Pigeon man' of Jeypore, here is why!

Dasarath Buruda has been feeding thousands of pigeons every day for the last four years

13 Dec 2020

Demand for mirigani masks soars in Odisha

Initially, they distributed 800 mirigani masks free of cost among people in the locality.

12 Oct 2020

Civic body chairperson stitches masks for poor

She spends Rs 5 per mask and so far, the Mallick has distributed around 3000 masks in the town.

15 Apr 2020

COVID-19: Differently-abled Odisha tailor stitches masks for needy

During childhood, Bhagaban suffered from polio and lost the use of his legs. He owns a small tailoring unit in the village.

12 Apr 2020

Landslides on Pottangi, Salur ghat worry commuters

Spreading over 40 km, the ghat road begins from Pottangi in Koraput districts and extends up to Salur in Vizianagram district of AP.

04 Sep 2019

Jackfruit chips from Koraput make way to Delhi

With the fruit, grown in abundance in the region, finding an attractive market in Delhi, the women are now engaged in making packaged chips to be sold in the National Capital.

28 Jul 2019

Odisha's Koraput loses its sandalwood treasure to smuggling 

Sources said sandalwood plantations over 10,000 ha were carried out in the early 50s in the forest ranges of Jeypore, Nandapur and Koraput.

09 Jul 2019

Police station ransacked over ‘custodial death’ in Odisha

On June 16 the Nabarangpur villagers came to know that 65-year-old Gobardhan died in police custody and his body was taken away somewhere.

17 Jun 2019

Koraput sends DG sets, vegetables to victims of cyclone Fani

Koraput  has turned a major relief supplier for Fani-affected people of Khurda, Cuttack and Puri districts.

10 May 2019

Dry water bodies dot Koraput in Odisha

80 per cent of the 400 ponds in tribal villages have dried up in the last one month.

01 May 2019

This tribe in Odisha worships Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati as siblings

People of Girligumma under Dasamantpur block in Koraput have been worshipping Lord Shiva and his wife as brother and sister at a cave named Banadurga.

27 Apr 2019

Polls bring jobs for youths of Koraput

The elections apart from being a merry-making season for the rural youths of Koraput district also bring employment opportunities for them.

09 Apr 2019

Saffron surge: Koraput in grip of Modi wave

As he towers over all his political rivals across the country, tribal pockets of Koraput seem to be falling for the Narendra Modi magic too.

05 Apr 2019

Tough job on Kaushalya’s hand

Despite being the wife of MP Jhina, Kaushalya had not been actively involved in politics.

04 Apr 2019

Ramgada’s wait for change continues

 Nestled in the lap of dense forests is Ramgada village, one of the most inaccessible pockets in Koraput.

02 Apr 2019

ST in Andhra, OBC in Odisha

A week back, the tribals organised a meeting at Koraput town where the ST status demand was raised again.

31 Mar 2019

PM Modi’s culture connect strikes a chord with his Odisha audience

On the occasion, he spoke about agriculture activist Kamala Pujari and her innovative approach towards preserving indigenous seeds of different crops and organic farming.

30 Mar 2019

Sagaria to fuel Bahinipati woes in Jeypore 

Winning the electoral battle again in Jeypore will not be smooth for Congress MLA Tara Prasad Bahinipati.

27 Mar 2019

Sal plantations stare at man-made crisis

Sal plantations in Koraput district have shown a bizarre under-growth over the last two decades leaving the greens puzzled.

12 Mar 2019

Vikram Deb College: 50 per cent faculty positions vacant

The prestigious Vikram Deb Autonomous College at Jeypore is struggling to provide proper education to the students, thanks to an acute shortage of teachers and staff.

16 Feb 2019

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