Aathira Haridas

Manaveeyam Sangeetholsavam: Sway along for laughter, tears and nature

The city is all set to witness a one-of-a-kind music show on June 21 as three bands take to the shores of Shanghumugham and sing for laughter, tears, and nature.

18 Jun 2022

Ready to bat for bats? Join this ‘fruity’ project

It’s time to check out the bat roosts near your home! In a unique move, a citizen science initiative is being launched where the local residents are being included into a bat conservation project.

16 Jun 2022

Weaving fun and games

A crochet artist, Sreeja Renjith, is making kids’ toys sustainable and healthy.

16 Jun 2022

Green brigade strives to save avenue trees from ‘capital’ punishment

Nature enthusiasts remove nails hammered in trees on Sasthamangalam-Vellayambalam stretch.

14 Jun 2022

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi -- saint who paints spiritualism in rainbow shades

Kinnar Akhara is a sect of saints from transgender community, which was founded in 2015.

08 Jun 2022

Rough roads ahead

A Malayali trio is going to participate in the Mongol Rally across Europe in a worn out car to help Ukrainian war refugees. The friends talk about the adventure that awaits.

04 Jun 2022

Upcycled treasures

Saritha started creating art serendipitously. Now, she is making and selling upcycled bottles as a means to help the environment

31 May 2022

Move like an animal

Animal Flow, the new ‘it’ exercise regime is all about getting in touch with the primal being within you.

28 May 2022

Avasavyooham proves dark humour works in Malayalam: Filmmaker Krishand RK

Filmmaker Krishand R K was on cloud nine.

28 May 2022

Nature’s soul on canvas

Depiction of the Inmost Soul, an exhibition of works by seven artists, is underway at the capital city

25 May 2022

Blood bag pioneer pens tale of compelling tech

Retired scientist C S B Nair has put into a book his vast experience as a trailblazer in the development of blood bags in India, reports AATHIRA HARIDAS

15 May 2022

Bountiful bouquets

Arina Jomet turned from nursing to designing bridal bouquets during the lockdown period

14 May 2022

Doctor popular!

Dr Godfrey, a doctor at a health centre on the outskirts of the capital city, has won the hearts of all his patients

14 May 2022

Voice of the fisherfolk

Journalist K A Shaji’s new documentary talks about the lives of fisherfolk struggling with sea erosion

12 May 2022

Upcycled wonders

Teenager Joji Joshy started crafting miniatures out of scrap by accident. Now, he delivers custom orders for his clients

11 May 2022