By helping others, this Kerala mason is leaving behind undeniable fragrance of love on earth

Mason Vinod B A sets apart a portion of his daily wages, every day, to help the ailing. His mother’s battle against a terminal illness proved the catalyst, reports Aathira Haridas

08 Aug 2021

Writers go online to introduce books to kids

The children’s books are being introduced through the YouTube channel Balasahithi which was launched for the initiative.

07 Aug 2021

New prog launched to clear SAY exam

It is an effort to extend a helping hand to the marginalised students and let them know that they aren’t alone.

06 Aug 2021

Goat milk goodness

A paediatrician and mother, Rejitha Nandini started making special soaps to help out her daughter. Now, she is an entrepreneur who is giving many people ways to have healthy skin

05 Aug 2021

Globetrotter Chapati: When an Indian stray buddy met Ukrainian couple — world travel happened

TNIE’s Aathira Haridas reaches out to Chapati, who only wants a few things for all Indian indigenous dogs — acceptance, love and a chance to have a family like his

04 Aug 2021

Glass cabins for inmates at Poojapura jail for seeing visitors 

Gone are the days when a visitor meeting a convict in prison would have to converse in a jail-like setting, with a grilled barricade separating them.

31 Jul 2021

Magic in letters

Back in 2016, when people were only beginning to hear about such items, the supplies were hard to find too, she says.

31 Jul 2021

Revisiting past worlds

Sanskrit movie Taya by professor Prabha throws light on the oppressive Namboothiri system that targeted women and their freedom to live

29 Jul 2021

For the love of reading

Tune into Himanshu Poswal’s digital space to get one-minute review of books

27 Jul 2021

Spark Astronomy on a mission to set up astronomy labs in schools

The Sainik School in Thiruvananthapuram now sports a brand new astronomy lab.

26 Jul 2021

Jumbo rehab centre’s battle with herpes continues

A 5-yr-old calf shows fluctuating temperature, other calves isolated

25 Jul 2021

Penning a new chapter in calligraphy 

Artist Narayana Bhattathiri has finished 3,000 calligraphy artworks in Malayalam and is raring to go

24 Jul 2021

For a fleeting moment

Young Rohith K P creates magic in the air for a brief moment by throwing neatly arranged metal pieces up in the air

21 Jul 2021

Restaurant owners, hoteliers continue to reel under losses

Unable to carry business forward, many restaurateurs and hoteliers are shifting professions

21 Jul 2021

When the road beckons

Wanderlust Mohammed Akheel and Shamziya are planning for a pan India trip on a modified van, which will also be their home for the coming months

20 Jul 2021