Penning a new chapter in calligraphy 

Artist Narayana Bhattathiri has finished 3,000 calligraphy artworks in Malayalam and is raring to go

24 Jul 2021

For a fleeting moment

Young Rohith K P creates magic in the air for a brief moment by throwing neatly arranged metal pieces up in the air

21 Jul 2021

Restaurant owners, hoteliers continue to reel under losses

Unable to carry business forward, many restaurateurs and hoteliers are shifting professions

21 Jul 2021

When the road beckons

Wanderlust Mohammed Akheel and Shamziya are planning for a pan India trip on a modified van, which will also be their home for the coming months

20 Jul 2021

Issues resolved: Vithura trader Santhosh ready for a new beginning

Santhosh G S is now a very happy man.

19 Jul 2021

In Leelamma’s hands, Milma plastic covers get ‘afterlives’

Picture that ubiquitous Milma plastic cover, which you discard off every morning, fashioned into an eclectic set of utilitarian items.

18 Jul 2021

Failed in SSLC exams? Entrepreneur offers free stay in Kodaikanal

A person’s success isn’t defined by intelligence and Sudhi’s initiative is a welcome move as it reinforces this idea, said clinical psychologist Nithin A F.

16 Jul 2021

Covid blues: Spare part shop owner finds it hard to piece his life together

For Baiju A M, a small-scale spare part shop owner in Attingal, survival has been an ordeal ever since the pandemic struck.

16 Jul 2021

Stuck in a limbo, beauticians and salon owners struggle to make ends meet

After the first lockdown was lifted, Shari could open the salon for a few months. But then the second wave of Covid hit, and she had to shut shop again. 

16 Jul 2021

Letters to a Malayali

Kochi-based graphic designer Theresa Joseph George’s venture ‘Via Kerala’ makes nostalgic collectables inspired by the state’s dialect

15 Jul 2021

Pandemic pens saddest song for this street artist from Kerala

On any given day, you can see him near the entrance of the Museum, huddled on his four-wheel scooter.

15 Jul 2021

Beauticians demonstrate salon services on the street in protest

Even though the state government had given its nod to open barber shops and beauty parlours, only hair cutting and shaving services have been allowed.

14 Jul 2021

Know your gene!

OhMyGene, a homegrown brand, focuses on personalised genome study

13 Jul 2021

Home is where the heart is... back to embrace of familiar faces and sounds!

Ask Motilal (name changed), hailing from Lahore district in Jharkhand, about how he ended up in Kerala and a gentle laugh is his response.

11 Jul 2021

Into the wild

Capital-city native Maheen S’s life and love for adventure would remind you of the tale of Alexander Supertramp, the American adventurer who inspired the world to wander out

09 Jul 2021