Bereavement Companionship Programme: To help families, friends cope with numbing grief, sense of loss

The idea is for the communities and neighbourhoods to build capacity to support members in grief and strengthen the current informal bereavement support system in Kerala.

05 Jul 2021

Justice for Bruno: Maneka Gandhi’s outfit joins campaign

People for Animals told to intervene and be party in petition seeking action

03 Jul 2021

Slow-burning gold crisis

Private finance firms in the capital city are calling for mass auctioning of gold pawned by people who are unable to repay the loan amount

02 Jul 2021

Bruno was a very friendly dog, can’t understand reason behind brutality: Owner

According to Sreedevi, the pandemic period has seen many people taking out their frustration on animals by inflicting pain on the poor creatures.

02 Jul 2021

Panchayats go for mass Covid testing to bring down TPR

Pallichal, Athiyannoor move up category ladder in a week’s time

30 Jun 2021

Kerala researchers discover two new ant species of ‘cryptic and elusive’ genus in Mizoram

According to the researchers, these ants live in small colonies of 30 to 150 individuals under stones or decaying wood.

27 Jun 2021

Shopkeeper’s video seeking assistance goes viral

A short selfie video narrating the plight of a small-scale trader who was forcefully evicted from his shop is going viral on social media.

27 Jun 2021

Of insect discovery and starry names

Entomologist Ranjith A P has discovered over 40 new insect species, naming them after celebrities, reports Aathira Haridas

27 Jun 2021

Guts and glory: Tale of gritty singer from Kerala suffering from autoimmune disorder

Soumya Purushothaman, 39, has been battling Systemic lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disorder for the past several years.

26 Jun 2021

Teak takeaway

Serin Elza John designs beautiful, useful, affordable artefacts on the elite wood traditionally used in traditional furnitures

26 Jun 2021

Sivan: A lifetime spent watching and capturing history

Noted film director and photographer Sivan breathed his last on Thursday

25 Jun 2021

Fisher rehab strategy skewed, says report

The constant human intervention as a part of various developmental activities have led to coastal degradation affecting the fisherfolk adversely.

24 Jun 2021

TPR in Balaramapuram drops after mass testing 

Panchayat sees 50% decline in a week; traders’ efforts pay off

23 Jun 2021

Take the green route

It doesn’t take living on a farm to get in touch with plants and nature. You can do it anywhere, even at home. Shilpa Ann Tessy shares her story

22 Jun 2021

Preparations afoot in Capital to deal with third Covid wave

District admn earmarks SAT hospital as the major hospital for paediatric Covid care

20 Jun 2021