Abhimanika Yadav

Make up noobs, invest in these!

Not all of us are make-up artists but here are a few things that all of us must invest in for healthy skin and flawless make-up

09 Nov 2019

Trending now: Ribbons & clips

My daily OOTD ( outfit of the day ) consists of a pair of jeans and a tee paired with a great pair of sneakers or flip-flops because I am the laziest dresser and a creature of comfort.

26 Oct 2019

Trending now!Ribbons and clips!

I have always loved scrunchies and honestly, I never stopped using them and now, they are back in full force.

22 Oct 2019

Go the Indo-western way this Diwali

For the women of today, this style is sure to grab some eyeballs. What if I were to tell you that your favourite blazer can be a standout piece in your ethnic festive wear?

15 Oct 2019

Don’t let high heels hurt

Most of us have been told that walking in your favourite five inch stilettos pretty much wreaks havoc on your entire body.

08 Oct 2019

Style the humble white tee three ways

Styling is definitely not an easy job but you must know what you are comfortable with. Your old clothes can be elevated with right type of accessories.

05 Oct 2019

“I don’t have anything to wear”

Retro in today’s day is a theme that many love to party in. 

01 Oct 2019

Style the humble white tee three ways

Abhimanika Yadav is a former  Mrs Universe, a fashionista and a fitness expert in Hyderabad.

17 Sep 2019