Abhinav Agarwal

The temple at the crossroads

In 2020, a group of devotees moved a civil court in Mathura on behalf of Bhagwan Shree Krishna asking for the removal of the encroachment

12 Feb 2022

'Rukmini' book review: Holds the reader’s attention while staying faithful to the original source

Here is a story we all know, but the retelling nonetheless engages us, holds our attention, and in the end, moves us

08 May 2021

'The Bhagavat Gita' book review: Twin view of a sacred scripture

Similar yet different, the two works based on the Bhagavad Gita are contemplative readings

04 Dec 2020

'Krishna Yogeshvara' book review: A cowherd’s journey to becoming a Yogi

Among the hidden gems of the Mahabharata, and which the book gives us a glimpse of, is the description of mathematical sampling.

21 Dec 2019