Abhishek Baxi

ChatGPT4 and other tech innovations you don't want to miss

With the launch of GPT-4, 2023 is shaping up to be the breakout year for generative AI. In other tech innovations, foldable phones and immersive gaming promise to be disruptive and daring.

18 Mar 2023

The Alternate human: AI tool 'ChatGPT' mimics the human brain

It answers complex questions, creates tweets, writes screenplays, creates computer code, a perfect menu and more. It can also fashion a dark world where dangers that could upend humanity lurk.

07 Jan 2023

Connecting concepts: Briding gaps between digital, physical world through technology

The transformation in the world of technology since 2020 reflected changing work dynamics, economic headwinds and shifting lifestyle choices.

30 Dec 2022

Transitional effect: The evolution of Social Media

In the last two years, when our lives were disrupted in unprecedented ways, social media was the only constant.

30 Dec 2022