Abinaya Kalyanasundaram

Mix of cow’s urine, milk helps plants in summer

When she finally moved to an independent house ten years ago, she was finally able to let her love for gardening grow as abundantly as her plants.

18 Apr 2018

A stitch in time makes a design

Ritika Jain of Montage Fashion House followed her childhood dream

05 Apr 2018

The bookkeepers

Govinda Raju, Nam Alwar and Winston A Henry belong to different pockets of the city but share a common passion

26 Mar 2018

Follow the fragrance

From expansive gardens to bustling market corridors, ABINAYA KALYANASUNDARAM shadows the trail of flowers as they travel from farms in the outskirts of Tamil Nadu to the Koyambedu flower market, befor

24 Mar 2018

Just like grandma’s home

Friends from around the world have transformed a 50-year-old building in T Nagar into a restaurant. Called Paati Veedu, their menu includes long-lost vegetarian recipes sourced from grandmothers.

23 Mar 2018

Get some work done, while your kids read a book

The Book Office will host ‘Roll a Die’ a board and word game event open for adults and children on Mar 23

21 Mar 2018

Chennai: Bamboo tales on the road

Bamboo mat and curtain makers on this Adyar pavement have been around for 40 years, accepting only custom orders.

21 Mar 2018

Celebrating Madras through heritage lens

12 models pose at 12 historic locations in the city for ‘Saahithya — A Madras Story’. Conceptualised by two city girls living in the US, it aims to celebrate Chennai.

19 Mar 2018

The chemistry between journalism & business

A first-genereation entrepreneur, Udaya Kumar has dabbled in two professions and has more ideas in his kitty

15 Mar 2018

‘Old manuscripts can only be found in namma  Chennai’ 

Shyam Sundar is the founder and curator of TEDxNapierBridge, a community that has been organising salon and speaker events in Chennai since 2014.

15 Mar 2018

Where Om runs around the dots

Art speaks to French artist Chantal Jumel through bhoomi chithras and traditional kolams.Her series, Inner Landscape, represents her own life path, drawn using calligraphy

14 Mar 2018

Independence in monochrome

Naveen Gowtham’s latest photo series is a tribute to womanhood.He travelled across Tamil Nadu to capture their smiles & stories

13 Mar 2018

‘All writers need to be honest with themselves’

...says author Timeri N Murari, who admires Gabriel Marquez and his quirky book titles

08 Mar 2018

Self-defence: Kick, punch, save.

Many women in the city have taken to self-defense classes to keep perpetrators at bay. Experts and participants share that even two-hour special workshops can help you learn the basics.

05 Mar 2018

Luxe on mini wheels

Shunoon Shamath owns a fleet of luxury cars, but they’re three inches in size!

24 Feb 2018

 They teach you how to release anger, forgive and love yourself

Patricia Crane met Louise L Hay, the world-renowned motivational speaker, and best-selling author, 31 years ago, during a one-week intensive workshop on personal growth.

24 Feb 2018

Pop and rock with this solo vocalist: Nadisha Thomas

My great grandmother was an opera singer with the British, and thereafter my grandmother, mother and now I sing. It’s in my genes!” says Nadisha Thomas, a fourth-generation singer of the Madras Musica

22 Feb 2018

Escape before time runs out

My white prison uniform does nothing to calm my nerves as I stand in the middle of a gloomy prison cell.

22 Feb 2018

How many tongues can you speak?

Chennai’s foreign language centres have students and older persons take these classes for multiple reasons.

21 Feb 2018

Dosa, anyone? Tosai Anna Nagar gives you 99 varieties

From being a breakfast staple to a food trend, dosa has come a long way. While many Chennaiites love the new flavours, many prefer its old version.

20 Feb 2018

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