Adarsh Matham

Digital deluge

In future, when kids learn the alphabet, chances are A won’t be for Apple anymore but for Apps.

19 Jan 2019

New avatars

Gadget makers tend to proclaim every reincarnation of a product they make as a pivotal moment in human history.

03 Mar 2018

Weird and wonderful

A smart bathtub that uses water jets to mimic zero gravity so that you feel like you are taking a bath in space.

01 Mar 2018

Techtivity Central

Mr Studiowala decides to prove himself in Bollywood. The newbie filmmaker believes his newest idea will prove to the world that he is a stable genius.

13 Jan 2018

Free apps 2017: Power in your palm

We all have that drawer. The junk drawer. Tucked away in some corner. The one that has not been opened in over a decade.

04 Feb 2017

A Smarter tomorrow

On the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, reality is plugged in more than ever. A look at 17 gadgets that will change the way we live in 2017.

07 Jan 2017

Mobile Apps: must have free & paid apps for grabs

What are the essential apps that one should have on their smartphone?

08 Jun 2016

The Goal of Google

At Google I/O 2016, CEO Sundar Pichai pointed out that they are in middle of a transition into the world’s biggest AI Firm.

28 May 2016

New Gizmos in the Game of Thrones

To dominate the market, ASUS has come out with the ‘Republic of Gamers’, which is designed to promote gaming in the country.

13 May 2016

Tech Guru │ Jahan Khanna

After Sidecar’s acquisition by General Motors, Khanna joined Uber to facilitate its ambitious global takeover.

30 Apr 2016

Learning Games

Some recent studies have shown that the best way to teach children anything is by gamifying their learning experience.

30 Apr 2016

Chinese Revolution in Tech Town

After spending billions in innovation, Huawei wants to rule the Android domain By Adarsh MATHAM

16 Apr 2016

Tech Guru │ Harsh Sinha

Harsh Sinha joined Transferwise last year to help the revolution that the company is promising, in the Fin-Tech sector.

02 Apr 2016

Apple's Short Stories

Two years ago, Apple introduced a bigger screen by launching the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

02 Apr 2016

Tech Guru │ Ajay Arora

With the success of Facebook and Instagram on mobile phones, Imgur is catching up and competing for eye balls on the tiny smartphone screens.

19 Mar 2016

Smart Connect to Three Nations

It is not just the Korean giants Samsung and LG which dominated this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

19 Mar 2016

Tech Guru

Even as the people enjoy their food, the meat production on an industrial scale is taking a toll on the environment.

05 Mar 2016

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